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Monday, April 30, 2018

My website ... and Cardstock & Semi-Precious Beads.

I finally finished my own website.  😃 Built it myself (day and night, lol) over the past few months.
So it's true ... old dogs can learn new tricks ! LOL
It will serve both paper crafters and beaders. The items are all products that I have IN STOCK - there is no waiting for things to be ordered in. The only wait time is for me to pick your orders ! Orders will be ready in 2 working days and , in most cases, the next day. Ready to be picked up - either at the store on Fridays when I'm open (Classic Hobbies, 163 Main street, Middleton) or at our feed store Monday to Saturday (Family Feed Store, 163 Main Street, Middleton ... just behind my store.) Or mailed if you live farther away.

You pay at the online checkout ... either with a credit card or you can choose email transfer. Just send the transfer within 24 hours. I process the order once I get the transfer.
The stock is NOT the same as in the store. I have limited space in the store so much of what is online is not actually in the physical store. The prices also tend to be less because I don't have to individually price products, find display space, or allow for damage and wear & tear. This is where I will also share clearance items. There are bargains to be had !
Please note ... the stock is separate from the store. It is stored elsewhere and the inventory is kept completely separate in order to keep an accurate count of quantities.

The site is I hope you'll visit !

(The other website will still be available ... it's like a master catalog for paper crafters. If you can't find what you want on the site I built, go to that site and you can see over 18,000 items that you can choose from. These items aren't in stock but will be added to my next order. When I get them, I let you know and you can pick them up . Free pickup ! Or you can have them mailed ... free shipping if the order is over $150 before taxes ... and you can combine them with orders from my in stock site to get to that free shipping level !)

I'll share a little taste of what you'll find on my website  ... something for the paper crafters and then something for the beaders ...

Have you seen the cardstock packages that I have on the website ? I'll attach a link in case you haven't. 😊  It is Bazzill cardstock, 8.5x11" , packages of 5 sheets. That's enough for 10 regular A2 cards . And the price is $2.75. Just 55 cents per sheet ! I also have Card Shoppe cardstock from Bazzill and their "Smoothie" as well. There are over 100 colours to choose from !

Click here to see the cardstock. Be sure to click on the actual name beside the photo. That will show you a list of all the shades available for each colour. Clicking the NAME will show you a photo of that colour.  Just click "Add to Cart" if you wish to purchase. 

  And now for beads ... I'll share the link to the semi precious page so you can see the variety.
I have everything from Amazonite to Yellow Onyx ... and yes, they are listed in alphabetical order. lol. I have worked hard to find good prices that I could pass on to you .
And again, because I don't have to find room to display them, price them & package them, I can sell them for less and have more to choose from !
Here are a few examples ...

   15" strands of 5mm amethyst ... $2.99.
 And 6mm lava stone, 16" strands for $4.89 or 8" strands for $2.49.

Here's a link so you can go see all the beautiful beads ! Click here . Be sure to click on the actual name beside the photo. That will show you a list of all the sizes and strand lengths available for each stone. Clicking the NAME will show you a photo of that item as well as change the price to match.  Just click "Add to Cart" if you wish to purchase.
I hope you enjoy the site. And I'll continue to add stock ... and share more of it here.
Have a great week !