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Tuesday, July 30, 2013


That is the word of the day !!! I am loading up my price gun with these little yellow stickers and then roaming ... looking for items to mark down and clear out. Not to mention the boxes of odds & sods that I have been sifting through ... I may have an organizational problem ... lol !!
Watch throughout the store for SALE tags ... I really am marking lots of stock down to clear ... I want a lean mean inventory . Something in this store has to be lean & mean ... lol.
I just received word that some of the new Christmas & Hallowe'en stock has been shipped ... watch for that in the next few weeks !
And I found a box of new items that hadn't been unpacked ...

Silky Sponges by Hero Arts, Colour Shine from Heidi Swapp, fun Prima, great little tiny bottlecap embellishments from basic grey, premade scalloped cards & envelopes from Bazzill, and dies from Cottage Cutz.

... and an other box of older items that will be hitting the sale table.

EDIT : so far I have marked down selected 6x6 pads ($3.99), aluminum wire, stamps, some Sizzix & Spellbinders, decorative tape, stickers, alphabets, some headpins/eyepins/jumprings , storage items, Smash book bits, Tim Holtz journals & notepads, a few tools ... and still at it !!!

So keep checking in all month ... there will be BARGAINS, NEW STOCK, TREASUES OF ALL SORTS !!!!
(Sorry, no kit this week again ... too much sorting, lugging, and pricing.)
Be sure to read the next blog post if you haven't yet this week ... change is coming !!!

Sunday, July 28, 2013

A New Direction ... Hope you'll come along with me !

Hello ...
Make a cup of tea or coffee ... this is a long one ! (And no, I'm NOT closing !!)
Years ago, when we gave up framing and needlework, we thought we would chose something a little easier. We were worn out ! Something that I could work at a little less and have more creative time. So I expanded my little bead section and opened just 3 days a week. Seemed good ! And I expanded it a bit more. But I had no idea how much work it was selling beads. Not actually the selling but all the ordering and packaging. I buy most of my beads in bulk and they all need to be weighed or counted and then bagged and priced. Well, okay. Still good.
Then I became interested in paper & stamping. I thought I would just dip my toes in a bit ... carry a little bit of stock. Well, self control has never been my strong trait. I expanded the store again. And again. And I have created a beast !

Now comes the whining part ... sorry but I'm sure it is going to sound like I am whining ... I find that I work more now than I ever have. I easily work 55 hours or more every week. Six to seven days a week and at least 3 nights. (and I am not getting any younger ...) I know I am only open 3 days a week but there is so much behind the scenes work (much of which never gets done !). I could easily spend a day every week just reading the notices and information I get about new products. I order from 6 different companies, have almost daily updates from them, and almost always have product to unpack. And then there`s finding room for it all. I try to get a kit designed and assembled every week as well as possibly some jewelry kits. Then the blog and Facebook page as well as Etsy. Bookwork. Banking. And the online store I am building. Mailing out mail orders. Phew ... it adds up. I find by the time I open Thursday I am tired ! (end of whining).

Add to this the news that one of my favourite scrapbooking suppliers is closing in a few days ...YIKES !! ... and I have also lost a beading supplier. All of a sudden, it seems even more difficult to track down product.

My vision for the store was a place with lots of samples, wonderful kits of all types, product demos, workshops, and evenings for make'n'takes. I just haven't done that. I would need to hire someone to do some of the daily work to do that and frankly, there isn't enough income to do that. (This is not a business to get rich in ... you have to like it !!) But I have decided that I really want that part of the business to be a reality ... it is the creative part that really calls to me. I have so many ideas in my head for kits, projects, and workshops that I worry it may explode !! But I really can't add more hours. I am exhausted and losing enthusiasm now ... I need a better solution. So ... I am making some changes.

As of September I will only be open Fridays from 10 am to 5pm as well as every first and third Wednesday night for those who aren't able to come during the day. Then I will start to add some of the other Wednesday evenings and some Saturday mornings as workshops, demo days, and make'n'take evenings. By the end of September they will be up and running ! I will post a new schedule every month. Workshops will have to be signed up for in advance. Make'n'Take evenings will be drop in. This will also give me time to develop some more complicated kits ... more than just cards & earrings !
** The schedule will be posted on this blog (you can subscribe for updates !) and  I will be setting up an email list as well. **

In order to do this I will be changing my hours and I will also be changing my inventory. It is a beast that I feed too much There really is no need for 20 different types of headpins or 12 different brands of adhesive. So I will be reducing the inventory but still carrying the basics and I will still be getting in new product like I do now. Just not stocking a lot of it .... in and out hopefully !
I will still be stocking all the basics though !!!
So this means SALES in the month of August. Lots of sales !! I need to tighten it up , make putting it away easier, and also make room for a work area. Don't worry ... I have already pre-ordered all sorts of product for the upcoming Hallowe'en and Christmas season ... I will always get in new fun stuff but I will not keep stocking it . Grab it while it's hot !!  And I can easily special order almost anything that you are needing.
I am really hoping that this will make the store more fun, make ME more fun, stir our creativity, and result in lots of beautiful things being made here by happy people. I hope the open hours will still offer you the opportunity to shop. I hope that there will be quick and interesting stock turnover with always some new find when you visit !! And mostly, I hope you will join me on this new path ...

... well that's enough for now. Keep watching (or subscribe) for sale updates and information on all the wonderful new things arriving as well as more details on the various creative things that will be happening. Feel free to email or comment ... I would love to hear from you !

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

WOWZAS !!! One of Those Weeks !

Hi !
You know how it feels when you have a big shiny to-do list and you just know this is the week you will "get-er done" ? And then you know how 500 full sized laying hens arrive and you help because there is no one else to help, and then a 50lb box of beads, and there is a mammogram & a vet appointment thrown in , a major mess occurs because of emptying every box you can find for the 500 chickens (thinking, 'Oh, I'll have lots of time to clean this up later' ...hahaha), 200 new peg hooks arrive for your beads so the displays can be reorganized, a giant box arrives that just barely fits in the door and packaging is strewn for miles it seems, and then a major supplier says they are closing and you have a few days to get together an order to try to keep you in basics for a few months. You know  how that goes! So that's how it unfolded this week. Insanity. And not one thing got crossed off the list. Actually, I'll be lucky to have clean clothes to wear to work on Thursday. LOL.
 So, there is no kit this week. I just could not find enough time to do it. So I'll make it up to you with another RED HOT SALE !!!! And I'll make it a good one !!

But in the meantime, there are some AMAZING new beads !!! I am madly unpacking and hope to have them all out by Thursday morning - on those wonderful new hooks !
Look at these beautiful glass beads !!! Only $1.99 for a strand of 6mm or 8mm. And just $2.99 for the 10mm.
Oh ... and did I mention that a strand is actually TWO strands ?!! GREAT BUY !!

And how about some GORGEOUS agate beads ?  These beads are faceted so they have a wonderful sparkle to them and the colours are spectacular !!
Available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm.

Also in ... more semi precious skulls, peace signs, Buddha ... the smaller ones  are just $1.99 strand !! The larger are up to just $3.99 strand. Super fun for summer jewelery !!

  I also have more of the firepolished bead chain ... several style ... just $3.99 m. A really quick way to start a necklace !!

And still unpacking !!!

PAPER  ... new stamps from Hero Arts !!!

And also  I have these dies back in stock. You may want a tree die if you haven't got one yet ... to go with all the beautiful add ons coming out this fall !!

 I had a little help on Tuesday ... little Sophie gave me a hand !

July 25 - 27
on regular priced in stock items
No layaways. Not valid on special orders.
40% off Maya Road products - packages & albums
40% off Christmas stamps

40% off factory packs of Swarovski crystal bicones & pearls

30% off bulk packages of headpins, eyepins, jumprings

Perfect time to STOCK UP !!!

This sale will only be on for this week ... so don't wait !!

Friday, July 19, 2013

So pretty ...

I just unpacked this and had to share ! I love it. It is premade bead chain and it comes in 1 yd lengths for just $5.99. It is made up of  6mm fire polished AB beads and crystals. It would be beautiful in a multi strand bracelet, pieces of it added to a long necklace, used as dangly earrings ... I could go on and on ...

Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Hi !
It is red hot outside so why not have some RED HOT SALES ?!!
After spending this week going through inventory ( well, some of it ... yikes !!) and pre-ordering for the new season, I know I have to make some space & clear out some inventory. So watch every week for a new sale !! The discounts will be good but will only be in effect for that week ... so don't wait !! Sale prices are on regular priced items, in stock items only, do not include layaways, and must be paid for during that sale period. You can pick them up later, but they must be paid for that week. If you are one of my monthly parcel people, just email me & we can make arrangements !
If there is anything you want, you can contact me by leaving a comment, phone during business hours, comment on Facebook, or use the email address on the right. Or come in .. LOL !!
So keep you eyes open each week ... you never know what bargains you might get !

                            Sales in effect from July 17-20th.

Spellbinder's products ... 40 % off.

Bazzill regular 12x12 cardstock (in boxes under the shelf)
Choose any 20 sheets for just $7.50 !
I have some done up in packages but now you can also choose your own colours. Multiples of 20.
(regular price is 65 cents per sheet ) Great time to stock up !!

Coloured Aluminum wire (does NOT include silver & copper coloured)  40% off !

Miyuki Delica Seed Beads ... 40% off.

Monday, July 15, 2013

This Week's Kit !

Hi everyone,
I thought I would get the kit posted in case I don't get anything else posted this week. This week I am cleaning out back rooms, sorting through boxes of stock, setting up shelves, taking inventory of sorts, setting up a kitting space, taking a class, pre-ordering Hallowe'en & Christmas product, and planning fall kits & projects. And I think I may have a few boxes to unpack too. So, you may not see another update. lol.
So here is this week's kit. Leave a comment if you want any saved. Or email. The kit uses Graphic 45's beautiful French Country paper as well as some of the Cut Aparts for August. Rich gorgeous colours are sure to please and multi purpose cards are great to have on hand . Just $5 for all the materials - precut, prescored, prefolded, prestamped , ready to assemble - for three cards !

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Looking for Some Feedback ...

I am in the process of pre-ordering Christmas stock and am looking at the Graphic 45. It is lovely. It would be amazing framed !! But I'm not sure if it is something people will want to *chop* up !!  Go take a look and let me know what you think ... is it something you might purchase ?

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Graphic 45 "Steampunk Spells" ... it's here !!

Hi everyone !
A bit cooler day ... much more pleasant ! Let's get to it ...
** you may have noticed, there is now an email address listed on the right side of the blog. Feel free to email or comment if you want anything saved . **

This week's kit is a Christmas kit ... you get the supplies for all 3 cards - all ready to assemble - for just $5. Leave a comment if you want any saved.

And now ... NEW !!!
Graphic 45s Steampunk Spells has arrived. It is a wonderful mix of Hallowe'en and steampunk BUT if neither of those are your style, you may still like the reverse of the sheets. Each paper has a great small pattern on the back. Many would work as backgrounds for year round projects. I have the 12x12 paper by the sheet as well as 8x8 pads and then the smaller coordinating 6x6 pads. There is also a selection of amazing stamps available as well. Let me share some photos ...

For close up photos ... click here !

New Packages of Bazzill Cardstock !

 * Card Shoppe ... this is a really nice heavy paper made for card making. It folds crisply and won't warp with misting or markers. Smooth for stamping and colouring. Much thicker than regular card stock. I often use it in the card kits. Now you can buy a 28 sheet package with one sheet of each of the 28 colours for just $12.99. That is enough to make 56 cards !!
* Electric ... Bazzill's new NEON colours. 25 sheets, 5 of each colour. Just $7.99.

Again this week there is an extra 20% off the already discounted items ion the sale tables ... some great deals. Many of the items were already half price ... now you get another 20% off that ! The sale tables will only be here until the end of July. After that ... *poof* ... they will be gone !

Hope to see you this week !!!

Friday, July 5, 2013

Soon !

Here's what I will be unpacking this weekend ...

Ohhh ... so pretty !!!

Look what I just pre-ordered !!!  New dies from Dee's Dies to go with the wonderful tree dies that they had last year. I know many of you ... many many ... bought the tree dies so this year you can get add ons !! Garlands, ribbons, doves, ornaments, stars ... Gorgeous !!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

SAVE More More More !!

THIS WEEK ... save another 20% off the marked down items on the sale tables !!!!! Hurry ... it will all be gone at the end of July !

here are a few more new papers ...