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Thursday, June 30, 2016

NUVO Crystal Drops. (maybe my new favourite product)

I LOVE this new product from Tonic !!! NUVO Crystal Drops. 
I sat down this afternoon to try them ... and fell in love ! I really like those glossy enamel dots that can be adhered to projects but they are SO expensive !! Usually $6.99 or more for a card with 2 or 3 dozen . Yikes ! So this product WILL MAKE THOSE DOTS !! And it is only $3.99 bottle !
Here's a quick video tutorial ... so many ways to use this great product !! And then scroll through the photos to see the quick samples I made. 
Great video demonstration ... lots of ways to use them !!
 There are 44 (delicious !) colours ... 

That is some of them. There are still a few on backorder, shipping next week. 
There are 3 types ... glittery, glossy, and metalic/pearly. 
They sell for just $3.99 a bottle ... that is a lot of drops for just a few bucks ! 
One fluid ounce per bottle.
And, the bottle is nice and soft - easy to squeeze !

They look like an extra large bottle of nail polish ...

... with a beautiful crystal topper !
You can use this product several ways ... directly on a project is one way. That always makes me nervous, lol, so I prefer making the dots ahead of time and applying them to my finished project. No worries about smudging ! 
To make dots ahead of time, you need a craft sheet or a piece of release paper from tape. A non stick surface basically. Then you just squeeze out the product. I did this ... they looked like little chocolate chips with that little tail on top. By the time I had made one small row, they were all beautifully domed and perfect ! The product is self leveling so it smooths itself out. It is amazing. 

Now, I will leave these overnight and then slide them off the craft sheet and into a container. To apply them I can use glue or just a dab of the same NUVO product they are made of. Too easy !
Look how perfectly they turned out ... and all I did was squeeze !

So, if you are interested in any, send me an email !

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Hello !

hello there !
Well the big sale is over ... the dust is settling ... and I have been catching up on the parcels that came in during that time.
The 50% off clearance ended Saturday ... if you didn't get in, you missed some great deals !! The store will be closed until August. I am busy working on an online store as well as converting the big part of the store into a classroom. Then I can start planning classes and also get in my workshop to start creating kits !! I need to get ready for August. :)
In the meantime, I will be popping in each week to share a few new products that are trickling in as well as some great pop up sales. To purchase either new items or the pop up sale items, simply send me an email and we can arrange payment. You can pay via email transfer or credit card, or we'll work something out. The items can be mailed or picked up here at our Feed Store out behind the store Monday to Saturday. Easy !
Sorry but there will be no holds without payment because it is too long before I'll have the store open again.
I have a small photo album to share today with Tonic stamps, Tonic dies, Sizzix dies, wonderful birthday and ocean stamps, and provincial dies ... YES !! Provincial dies !!!

Click on this link to see more !!!

So keep watching  ... more new products as well as sales like Ten Dollar Tuesdays and Five Dollar Fridays !
Have a great week and celebrate this wonderful country on Friday !

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Last Week !

Well, this is it ! The last week for the big 50% off sale. I'll be closing Saturday at noon . Stop in before then to get great deals !!
I'll be spending the month of July setting up an online shopping site as designing kits and making samples for workshops. Watch for updates here and on Facebook. I will have an open house in August so you can see what workshops will be offered and sign up for them. I'll also have kits and some fun projects .
I have been asked if there is anything left and is it worth coming in ... well, here are some photos. I have refilled every bin and basket and restocked every peg hook. The tables are piled with goodness !
Click on the link below to see the store when I left a few hours ago.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

And the sale continues !!

Hello !
It's been so busy, I haven't had time to post. The sale has been busy and I am adding things every week. Last week I added Christmas stock. This week I unpacked more stamps & dies - some are even classics that have been discontinued ! I also dug through "the vault" and found lots of 7 Gypsies, Idea-ology, Graphic 45, and more. And there are still more bixes to be cracked open !
I have posted photo albums on facebook but there are wayyyyy toooo many photos to post here. So if you have facebook, I would suggest you check there. If not, stop in on Friday and Saturday this week. You'll be surprised at the remaining selection - lots to choose from ! This Friday 10-5 and Saturday 10-noon are the last days for the sale. Please note that I will be closed after that until August so this week is your last chance to drop in and stock up or get in on the deals !!
Keep watching this blog for updates on the shopping web page, workshops, and kits ... coming in August !

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Another album and an update !

Hello !
Yesterday I posted links to several albums of things that are now on sale so those who aren't near by can get an idea of what is here.
Today I added a TOOL (Paper & Beading) album with lots of 50% off tools !

Now I am off to take more pictures, put out more stamps & dies, refill the 12x12 paper racks with more patterned paper, unpack more embellishments, and refill the shelves. And then maybe bag some beads. Phew, lots to do !
Next week I will have Christmas stock as well as items from my workroom at home. That all has to be emptied in the next 2 weeks so there will be all sorts of items used for samples, product that I dragged home (yep, guilty !) and some "last of the line" products. I saw some very fun 7 Gypsies products on a  top shelf this morning ! Keep watching !
And remember I am open every Friday from 10 to 5 and every Saturday from 10 to 12 ... all month long. Everything is 50% off !! The 25th is the last day ... after that I will be closing the retail store and setting up for online sales, kits, and workshops in the space starting is August. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Links to Albums ...

Hello !
I have some links for you ... they will take you to albums so you can see pictures of some of the items on sale. I'll keep adding as I get photos done .
Just email me if you want anything.
Sale continues until June 25th.
50% off almost everything in the store !!
Just click on the album/photo to go to the page and asee all the pictures. Thanks !








I'll be adding more as the days go by !!
More new stock being put out this week as well as more paper.

Friday, June 3, 2016

And the sale continues !

Hello !
Day One was a busy one ! Saw lots of familiar faces and people left with some great deals. If you weren't in, never fear ! There is lots left ... with more being added all the time.
I'll be open tomorrow (Saturday) from 10 to noon and every Friday & Saturday all month. Unpacking more each week too !
Next week I will try to add photos for those of you who can't get in ... I am happy to take email orders. Just send me a list & I'll let you know what I have. I'll send a total and you can send an email money transfer or pay by credit card. Your purchases can be mailed or held for pick up.
Oh ... and thank you to whoever it was who left the flowers ! A friend moved them from the counter, where they were left so they wouldn't get damaged and I didn't notice them right away. I asked but I was too late. I didn't see a card so I'm not sure who left them but they were lovely. Thank you !
So that's the update on the sale. Hope to see you all any Friday or Saturday in June !
P.S. If you are looking for beading supplies that are not included in the sale ( basic findings, charms, etc) they are packed away for now until the sale is over and I get the website done. But just send me an email or a private message on facebook with a list of what you are looking for. I can dig them out for you & have them ready for  Friday or Saturday. Thanks !!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

A Post Note ...

So ... starting Friday, there will be 50% off pretty much everything in the store ! That's exciting ... lost of deals !!

So here are the details ...

* 50% off original price.

* the 50% will come off at the cash.

* a few exceptions ... items that have already been packaged up and reduced to clear. They will be an extra 25% off the reduced price. I'll tag them so it's clear. 

* Open Fridays 10-5 and Saturdays 10-12 throughout the month of June. 


* Items that are on hold for you now or on special order will not be 50% off. 


* I  am happy to do online sales. You can email me with a list of what type of things you are looking for (actual names or company names help a lot) , private message me on Facebook, or comment on facebook photos . I will send you a total and you can pay by EMT or call with a credit card. It may take a few days for me to get back to you but I will, I promise !

* I will be refilling the tables EVERY WEEK until the end of June. So you should come every week !

* I will try to post photos ... there is so much to do right now ... it may be next week. I'll try my best !

Hope to see you Friday !!