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Thursday, May 31, 2018


Wellllll ... I have some less than wonderful news but I have tried to find some ways to work around it !
Closed June 15 ,22, 29
Re-opening July 6th
I am very sorry for the inconvenience ... 
(and feeling quite sorry for myself too because of the cost, lol) ...
but I have to close for the second half of June in order to have plumbing & heating repairs done. I’ve put them off as long as I could but it’s (sadly) time to bite the bullet and get things done. Because almost everything in the building needs to be moved, I decided there is really no choice but to close for that time.
BUT the website will be open 24/7 (all items are in stock !) and I will continue to add and share new stock as it arrives via Facebook and the website. I will also be adding more of the store inventory to the site so you can get all your regular supplies. You can purchase through the website or Facebook with email transfers or credit cards. Orders can be picked up (the next business day) Monday to Saturday at our Feed Store (behind my store).
I’ll keep working in a cubby hole upstairs sharing new stock, filling/packing orders, and answering emails & messages. Kind of Bob Cratchit style, lol ! Not ideal but the best I can do.
The upside is that I will be posting sales as I pack & move items around and take a good inventory . Seems like the perfect time to clear out old stock ! 
Thank you for your patience and I really hope you’ll continue to shop through the website and Facebook during this time.
There are still a few Fridays to come in and stock up ... hope to see you . And remember, you can shop all day and night on the website.