Thursday, May 31, 2018


Wellllll ... I have some less than wonderful news but I have tried to find some ways to work around it !
Closed June 15 ,22, 29
Re-opening July 6th
I am very sorry for the inconvenience ... 
(and feeling quite sorry for myself too because of the cost, lol) ...
but I have to close for the second half of June in order to have plumbing & heating repairs done. I’ve put them off as long as I could but it’s (sadly) time to bite the bullet and get things done. Because almost everything in the building needs to be moved, I decided there is really no choice but to close for that time.
BUT the website will be open 24/7 (all items are in stock !) and I will continue to add and share new stock as it arrives via Facebook and the website. I will also be adding more of the store inventory to the site so you can get all your regular supplies. You can purchase through the website or Facebook with email transfers or credit cards. Orders can be picked up (the next business day) Monday to Saturday at our Feed Store (behind my store).
I’ll keep working in a cubby hole upstairs sharing new stock, filling/packing orders, and answering emails & messages. Kind of Bob Cratchit style, lol ! Not ideal but the best I can do.
The upside is that I will be posting sales as I pack & move items around and take a good inventory . Seems like the perfect time to clear out old stock ! 
Thank you for your patience and I really hope you’ll continue to shop through the website and Facebook during this time.
There are still a few Fridays to come in and stock up ... hope to see you . And remember, you can shop all day and night on the website. 

Monday, April 30, 2018

My website ... and Cardstock & Semi-Precious Beads.

I finally finished my own website.  😃 Built it myself (day and night, lol) over the past few months.
So it's true ... old dogs can learn new tricks ! LOL
It will serve both paper crafters and beaders. The items are all products that I have IN STOCK - there is no waiting for things to be ordered in. The only wait time is for me to pick your orders ! Orders will be ready in 2 working days and , in most cases, the next day. Ready to be picked up - either at the store on Fridays when I'm open (Classic Hobbies, 163 Main street, Middleton) or at our feed store Monday to Saturday (Family Feed Store, 163 Main Street, Middleton ... just behind my store.) Or mailed if you live farther away.

You pay at the online checkout ... either with a credit card or you can choose email transfer. Just send the transfer within 24 hours. I process the order once I get the transfer.
The stock is NOT the same as in the store. I have limited space in the store so much of what is online is not actually in the physical store. The prices also tend to be less because I don't have to individually price products, find display space, or allow for damage and wear & tear. This is where I will also share clearance items. There are bargains to be had !
Please note ... the stock is separate from the store. It is stored elsewhere and the inventory is kept completely separate in order to keep an accurate count of quantities.

The site is I hope you'll visit !

(The other website will still be available ... it's like a master catalog for paper crafters. If you can't find what you want on the site I built, go to that site and you can see over 18,000 items that you can choose from. These items aren't in stock but will be added to my next order. When I get them, I let you know and you can pick them up . Free pickup ! Or you can have them mailed ... free shipping if the order is over $150 before taxes ... and you can combine them with orders from my in stock site to get to that free shipping level !)

I'll share a little taste of what you'll find on my website  ... something for the paper crafters and then something for the beaders ...

Have you seen the cardstock packages that I have on the website ? I'll attach a link in case you haven't. 😊  It is Bazzill cardstock, 8.5x11" , packages of 5 sheets. That's enough for 10 regular A2 cards . And the price is $2.75. Just 55 cents per sheet ! I also have Card Shoppe cardstock from Bazzill and their "Smoothie" as well. There are over 100 colours to choose from !

Click here to see the cardstock. Be sure to click on the actual name beside the photo. That will show you a list of all the shades available for each colour. Clicking the NAME will show you a photo of that colour.  Just click "Add to Cart" if you wish to purchase. 

  And now for beads ... I'll share the link to the semi precious page so you can see the variety.
I have everything from Amazonite to Yellow Onyx ... and yes, they are listed in alphabetical order. lol. I have worked hard to find good prices that I could pass on to you .
And again, because I don't have to find room to display them, price them & package them, I can sell them for less and have more to choose from !
Here are a few examples ...

   15" strands of 5mm amethyst ... $2.99.
 And 6mm lava stone, 16" strands for $4.89 or 8" strands for $2.49.

Here's a link so you can go see all the beautiful beads ! Click here . Be sure to click on the actual name beside the photo. That will show you a list of all the sizes and strand lengths available for each stone. Clicking the NAME will show you a photo of that item as well as change the price to match.  Just click "Add to Cart" if you wish to purchase.
I hope you enjoy the site. And I'll continue to add stock ... and share more of it here.
Have a great week !

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Let Me Tell You about the WEBSITE !!

I thought I would give you some information about my new website and its benefits !  Here are the details on shipping, payment, payment without a credit card, pick up, all sorts of info.  Oh ... and a chance to win prizes and/or save money !! Details at the end of this post.
I also have another website coming to cover the "other side" of my business (wow, that sounds a bit sketchy . I mean the kits I design (cards & jewelry) , the project packages that I prepare, the beads & jewelry supplies, as well as all the instock items. That site will be . I expect to have it ready at the end of the month but you can go there now and sign up for an email notice when it is up and running ! The same shipping rates apply and you will be able to combine items from both sites to reach the free shipping value.

Now ... why should you register on ? Well, because registering means that you will have a WISH LIST . You can save anything there that you might be interested in someday. If you aren't registered, the next time you go to the site, the site doesn't know who you are so it can't show you what you saved. Also, I send promo code coupons out every once in a while ... and that means savings !! The only way to use the coupons is if you have an account. To set one up all you need is your name, an email address, and a password. Easy Peasy !
My supplier is also working on some marketing with the companies that create all the great products and we will let you know about those through your account ... it sounds like there might be some exciting things coming !
How do you register ? Go to the website and you will see My Account in the black bar across the top of the page. Click there and you will see 2 options ... Login and Register. Chose Register and then simply fill in the information. Name, email, password. (You don't need to add phone number ... I never call anyone, lol. ) You will get an email to confirm and you will be all set. After that, any items you look at will offer you the option to Add to Cart or  Add to Wishlist.
Imagine ... you could print that list out before Christmas and pass it out to anyone who is interested ... lol ! Hmmmm . ;)
The site is secure and you will not receive weird emails or spam. I promise !

So, without further ado, here are some facts about

* over 17,000 items !!
* stamps, dies, stencils, inks, paper, tools, and more.
* you can even place pre-orders to reserve popular products

* FREE PICK UP ... Fridays 10 -4 (Classic Hobbies) 163 Main Street, Middleton, NS
                                      ... Mon - Fri 10 -5 , Sat 9-12 (Family Feed Store)  163 Main Street,                                                                 Middleton, NS

* Shipping available
   FREE SHIPPING on orders over $150 before tax
   MICRO PACKET (> 100gm ... a few charms, a die ...) ... $2.50
   SMALL PACKET (9x12 padded) ... $5.00
               Add insurance/tracking to small packet ... $7.00
   BOX ... if product is larger than 9x12 or too thick for slot  ... $12.00 ( includes tracking, insurance)

Ways to get free shipping ...
* orders over $150 before tax (excluding clearance items)
* HOLD 150 .. pay for your orders and have them held until they total $150 before taxes. They will then be shipped for free.
* Combined Orders ... you and friends can place orders individually but message me to let me know that they can be sent to ONE address. I will bag and label each order but put them all in one box to mail. As long as they total $150 before taxes, you will all have FREE shipping.
* Combine with orders from  (coming soon !)

... 50% deposit when placing order. Balance due on pick up or before shipping
* PAYMENT METHODS ... pay with credit card on the site.
Balance can be paid with credit card (at Classic Hobbies or by phone) , debit, cash, or email transfer.
* PAYMENT WITHOUT CREDIT CARD ... if you don’t use credit cards there are still ways to order & pay. Go as far as the checkout page but print off your cart instead of checking out. Bring that page into the store. Or copy the page and send it to me via email or Facebook message. You can then pay me and I will input the order.

So I hope you will take a look and register on the site.
Oh right ... the saving & winning !! Well everyone who registers before March 24th will have their name entered to win a $25 gift certificate to use on the site. If you have already registered, your name is in the hat !
And everyone who registers can use this promo code ... LAUNCH . Type that word into the promo code box and you will save 15% on your order. (Cannot be combined with other discounts. Can be used once per account. Expires March 24th)
And ... leave a comment here and I'll add your name again !!
Go to my Facebook page for more ways to have your name added. You may as well have multiple chances ! Classic Hobbies Facebook

Tuesday, February 6, 2018


Have you ever wished you could look through my catalog ? Search for a special stamp or die ? See what's available ? See all the new releases before they even ship ? Get your name on the list for the newest products ? Well , now you can !!🎉 I am thrilled to have partnered with the leading supplier in Canada to be the link for this region in a direct to consumer project. You will now have access to the catalog of *OVER 17,000 ITEMS* !! 😲 Yes, SEVENTEEN THOUSAND ! STAMPS, DIES, STENCILS, CARDSTOCK, INKS, TOOLS, and more. 
Here's how it works. Go to the site and start looking. You can browse by subject, by type of product, by theme, by manufacturer, by search words in the excellent search engine, by new releases, upcoming releases ... any way you wish ! Add the products you want to your shopping cart and check out. You will pay a 50% deposit on the secure site. They will add the product to my cart. Every 2 weeks I will push the "send my orders" button and the items will be shipped to me. It usually takes about 5 days for the parcel to arrive. I'll post each week when I will be having the orders shipped . If the volume is high, I will order weekly. I'll contact you when the items arrive to arrange pick up or shipping. You pay the balance at that time. You can pick it up here at the store or have it mailed. If your order is over $150 ( before taxes) , I'll ship it for FREE ! 😊 (You can combine this order with items from the store to come to that total, no problem !) Within the next month there will be another website for the items that I have in the store ... kits, paper packs, foundation kits, beads, and more. 
But for now ... here is the link !! Start browsing !! I will be hitting the "ship my order " button Wednesday at 5pm so if you place an order you can get in on the very first order ! Make a cup of tea ... it's a BIG site !!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Hello !
It's been a long time since I've posted. Sorry ! It takes *forever* to load quantities of photos here so I have been posting mostly on the Facebook page. I post there several times a week - usually once or twice with new product and then with kits. I have also been adding links to the kit photos so they can be purchased online for those who don't live near by.  To keep up on all the new goodies and stay inspired, I would recommend you follow on Facebook - Classic Hobbies.
I am working on a web site and will post a link to that when I get it done.
Here are this week's kits ...
This kit includes the supplies to make these 2 cards as well as the stamp set !
And only $6 !!
( you will need a stamp pad, adhesive and some sort of colouring materials - pencils, markers, paints) 

And this kit contains all the materials to make these THREE cards as well as the stamp  !
The kits is just $6.99 and all you need is adhesive.
(included stamp)

AND here's a little update on my hours !! I will be open EVERY Friday in July and August !! 10am to 4pm. Hope to see you !!

Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Do you wish you could get an assortment of paper for cardmaking without having to buy a whole 12x12 sheet of each design ? Do you dislike the waste from the 6x6 pads when cardmaking ? Do you struggle with matching cardstock to patterned paper ? Do you not have the cutters & scoring boards that make cardmaking easier ? Well ... this should help !! :)
Each package contains 6 pieces of precut patterned paper , 6 scored & folded coordinating cards , and 6 envelopes. 
The papers have been carefully chosen for cardmaking so the patterns are the right scale and most are 2 sided, offering other options. Each package will be themed so you will know what you are getting. 
All for just $5 !

** this week I will have Valentine themed Foundation Kits although the papers will work for other cards besides valentines. Next week I will start cutting and assembling other themes. **

Here's what you get in the package ...
6 patterned papers
6 coordinating scored & folded cards
6 envelopes 

This is the reverse side of the papers ... so you can see there are options !

Lots of materials in that little package ... all you need to add is your stamping & creativity. 

Watch for more themes in the next few weeks. 

** PS Lots of new stamps, dies, and other items in the shop. Open this Friday Feb 3 10am to 4pm. 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Valentine Inspiration

As promised ... the Valentines. I like Valentine's day ... not as a big romantic holiday ... but as a day to show your partner, family, and friends that they are special to you. A card with a little chocolate marshmallow heart or bag of jelly beans would make someone's day !
I mucked around for a few hours last evening and here's what I came up with ...

I mainly used this BARGAIN stamp set (just $2.99 and stamps beautifully !!) and this sweet little die.

I then went to town ...  stamping, making background paper, Distress "smooshing", colouring, cutting, and adhering. Here they are !
Background paper made with the stamps.

Stamped & coloured with markers.

Distress "smooshing" , washi on the side, and a few diecuts.

Stamped background and some watercoloured diecuts. 

Smooshing + foiled paper.

Stamped background, stamped heart that was coloured, then Stickled. 

Stamped and coloured with markers. A little red glitter paper for extra sparkle.  

Simple but bold. 

Stamped background, watercoloured strip, and diecut with the drop outs from another diecut glued in. 

A simple tag, stamped & coloured. 

Inspired by the paper. :) 

Holding hands. ♥
Another smooshed card with a watercoloured stamped image, cut out and adhered with dimensionals. 
I hope these cards inspire you to make some and spread some love and kindness !