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Monday, July 23, 2018

An Update ... and you have to see all the great new Christmas products !!

Hello !
How are all of you ? It's been a while since I posted. I've been working away on doing my inventory here so I can transfer it to the website. And then doing the feed store inventory and adding it to the point of sale system. Seems like I'm counting a lot these days ! lol.
EDIT: Be sure to keep watching the website and Facebook ... I am posting the new Christmas products as they arrive and they are FAB-U-LOUS !!!
Here's where things stand right now ...

* The online store is being added to every week. ( in case you would like a quick link. 😉 )
* You really should check out the clearance section ... LOADS of great stamps, dies, , stencils and more ! And at great discounts ! And don't forget the paper clearance section. Lots of papers priced at 50 cents per sheet ... all are between 25 and 75 cents per sheet. I've also added lots of Christmas items to the Clearance sections. You can find them by clicking on the filter button on the left and choosing "Christmas".

* Orders are picked every day (except Saturday & Sunday) and are ready for pick up the next day at our Feed Store which is just behind my store. (Monday through Saturday). I'm happy to mail parcels as well !
* Please note that you can send your order through the website and then send me an email transfer if you prefer not to use a credit card. Or you can pay at the site with a credit card.
You can also comment on Facebook or message me with what you would like and I will send you an invoice that can be paid with a credit card or email transfer. Easy peasy !

* I am getting my cutting & kitting area set up so I will be starting kits in early August. There will be CARD KITS as well as BEADING KITS.
* I've been posting lots of pre-orders for wonderful new Christmas products on Facebook. The stamps and dies this season are spectacular !
* I will be adding more jewelry/beading items next month as well as projects and kits. Not to mention the 100+ charms that I need to add !

* The physical store will not be reopening. After deliberating, I've decided to continue with the pick up at the Feed Store. To offer pick up in both locations would only result in moving parcels back & forth and probably never having them in the right location ! lol. But we are renovating the feed store right now and there will be a designated cabinet just for Classic Hobbies orders. 

To see all the new stock coming in for Christmas, get in on the pre-orders, and see the new card kits when they start, I would invite you to follow on Facebook and to sign up for the newsletter (link in sidebar).
Thanks !! Keep watching for fabulous things !


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