Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 13-15.

Hi everyone.
Just a quick post this week.
Several kits this week ... all quick & easy projects for last minute little gifts or cards & tags.

#1. Card & Tag Kit :
This kit makes a card and 5 tags everything precut & ready to assemble. Just $5.

#2. Surprise Gifts/Cards ! :
These little cards contain a sweet surprise ... hot chocolate packets ! Your kit includes all the materials - precut, prescored, and prestamped - to make 4 gifts ... INCLUDING the hot chocolate !!
All for just $5.

#3. Stand Up Photo Display :
This is a great gift for grandparents, grown kids, or family. Or just as a decoration to bring out each year. Easy to display - no need to hang it up ! I added 2 photos but you can add many more than that, especially if you also put them on the other side. You get a foldable stand up form ( assembled with edges prepainted, ready to cover with paper) , 10pcs of precut paper to cover both sides, tags, twine, stickers, embellishments. All for just $8.99. This kit is a Christmas theme but watch for other themes after the holidays!

* new stamps ... great ones for detail colouring and a few old favourites back in stock.

* great deal on stamps ... regular price is $18.99 ... now only $12.99 and you get TWO sheets in each package. Love the designs !

* I was able to get more of this great Jenni Bowlin paper ...

* iridescent, very pretty but extremely hard to photograph paper !

* more inks, sprays, etc.
* Stickers ... I have lots of these at $2.49 a sheet. You can make a dozen cards or tags with a sheet.

* I am still working on box #2 and have just received box #3 ... come in & check it out !!
* I have a whole PILE of mandrels in stock for ring making !!!

And don't forget ... I have gift certificates ... any value !!!


Anonymous said...

Could you put aside one of the stand up photo displays for me, please?
Shelley K

pam said...

sure will Shelley !