Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Sample and *FLASH SALES* - coming soon !

Hello !
I was sorting through some paper and I came across these pieces I had diecut quite a while ago ... thought I would share so you could see just how beautiful these dies are. That dog silhouette is lovely ... and how about the paw print in the heart ?

Spellbinder's die set ... $17.99.

Okay now ... FLASH SALES !!
The quick sale I posted yesterday was a great success ... almost every die gone within an hour. 
So I decided that I would try to do that weekly ... but at a specific time so everyone knows when to check in ! And in the evening so those who are away at work during the day won't miss out. 
So ... Wednesdays at 8pm.
(I'm setting the post up on a schedule to self publish so we'll see how that goes ... lol. I've added a bit of extra time so I can see if it works . Technology ... scary stuff !!)
Just comment on the items you want. First comments here , in an email, or on Facebook (they're all time stamped) will get the items. I'll message you with a total the next morning. You can pay within 24 hours of commenting either by an email transfer or by credit card. Don't worry about when you can pick them up ... as long as they are paid for, I can hold them as long as you need. Or you can pile them up until you have a box full to make shipping worth while. 
Watch for some great deals as I dig through the vault !! 
This week's product will be from Spellbinders. 
See you Wednesday at 8pm !smile emoticon

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