Monday, May 30, 2016

Too Many Plates

Well ... this is a long one.
I spent Saturday bagging seeds ... and thinking. I actually like bagging seeds ... it's a quiet, straightforward job where your progress is easily measured.  It is a very zen activity , lol. Lots of time to reflect.
Anyway ... back to the thinking. Have you ever seen those circus acts where the clown spins the plates ? He starts spinning plates and then runs from stack to stack, trying to keep them all spinning. If there are too many or they go too fast, the stacks of plates start falling and there are smashed plates everywhere. I was thinking about how I am that clown. Or at least I feel like that clown, lol. (my shoes are much smaller !)
My husband and I together have two businesses and each of those businesses have two smaller spin off businesses that we have been nurturing. We both work six days a week and for the last three months we have also worked Sundays to keep up. We seem to do this more and more. We haven't had a vacation in four years. And by vacation I mean 4 days off - that's our record, lol. We work too much . We don't spend enough time with family and friends. We have forgotten how to relax and have fun. So we decided that this year - 2016 - we were going to get a handle on things. "The Year of Less" we called it. And we made some big decisions.
The first one ... this weekend we are moving into a camper and then , at the end of June, bulldozing our house. Yep, bulldozing. Gone. We are building a small house. Selling our stuff. Less. Just less.
And then work. There are just too many plates. So after much thought, I have decided to take over the book work and office work for our other business. My husband can concentrate on the daily business of running the store and the off shoot businesses. That's more than enough . This will clear away some of his plates and join our efforts. And I enjoy that part of the business.
This means changes at Classic Hobbies. The retail store as we know it now will be gone. I will have an open house one day a month,  kits and workshops, and an online website with shopping cart . More specialized (mainly jewelry making & cardmaking), more creativity, more ideas, less stock. 

* So ... HUGE CLEARANCE SALE during the month of June. Almost everything must go !
                                 50% off most stock 

Layaways, Items on Hold, Special Orders ...  Not included in the sale.  Your layaways/holds are still in the box waiting to be picked up. Special orders have been ordered and will be arriving soon.  I will contact you when they do. And I can continue to do special orders.
* Reward Cards . Still valid. On line purchases, kits ... they all qualify.

* Retail Web Site. I will be launching a proper retail website in August. I do a lot of online sales and will continue this part of the business. It requires less physical inventory and less space.  I can work on it from anywhere and at any time of day. And I can specialize more. People are often unhappy that I have only been open Fridays so this way the website will be open 24/7. The orders can be shipped to you or picked up Monday to Saturday . I'll have more details soon.
* Kits & Projects.  I love making kits ... card kits, jewelry kits, home decor kits , mini albums, etc. I think we all have lots of "stuff" ... we just need to make more things and have more inspiration ! I hope to help with that ... I have so many ideas. There will be monthly kits available for all sorts of creating ! Small kits, more involved kits, kits with add ons ... KITS !! :)
* Workshops. Sometimes you just need to gather and make stuff !! And I have all the tools and lots of supplies. And after the clearance, I'll have the room. Cards, bracelets, holiday decor, ... almost anything ! So why not ?
* Unique diecut projects and products. Several years ago we purchased a commercial die cutting machine & dies and a computer operated laser cutter. AND HAVE NEVER USED EITHER ONE !! We haven't had time. So finally, I will be doing this !! I am very excited and will have some great kits and custom products in the months to come. But first I need to learn !
Monthly Open House ... each month I will have an open house  to showcase the samples for the new kits and upcoming workshops for that month. You can purchase kits and sign up for workshops at that time or anytime on line. I'll also have basic supplies for sale those days.
* Slice of Life Jewelry & Gifts ... more products coming. And another craft sale. Remember last years ?? Wow !
So here are the details ...
June ... open Fridays 10-5 and Saturdays 10-12 
             50% off most stock
Items previously packaged and priced for clearance will be an additional 25% off  the marked price.  Example ... the clearance packs of Graphic 45 papers. 

** If you can't get here, I am happy to do EMT orders (or credit card orders) and mail them out or hold them for pick up.   

July - closed
August - website, open house, kits & workshops. 
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I look forward to seeing you at the clearance sale . More stock will be added each week . I have oodles of things out back ... so there will be new things each week . Come back every week ... you know, just in case. lol. 


Debbie said...

Holy smokes Pam! Good for you! More time for yourselves!

Dee Dee said...

Congratulations on your new ventures, and adventures!

Cathy Norton said...

you go sister-friend

Sue Aitken said...

Great plan sounds like a lot of thought went into this awesome new step in your life...Congratulations and enjoy more fun time together life is too short not to..

Jill MacDonald said...

You and my sister inspire me.
Congratulations on the "Year of Less"
Your store will be missed.