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Thursday, June 30, 2016

NUVO Crystal Drops. (maybe my new favourite product)

I LOVE this new product from Tonic !!! NUVO Crystal Drops. 
I sat down this afternoon to try them ... and fell in love ! I really like those glossy enamel dots that can be adhered to projects but they are SO expensive !! Usually $6.99 or more for a card with 2 or 3 dozen . Yikes ! So this product WILL MAKE THOSE DOTS !! And it is only $3.99 bottle !
Here's a quick video tutorial ... so many ways to use this great product !! And then scroll through the photos to see the quick samples I made. 
Great video demonstration ... lots of ways to use them !!
 There are 44 (delicious !) colours ... 

That is some of them. There are still a few on backorder, shipping next week. 
There are 3 types ... glittery, glossy, and metalic/pearly. 
They sell for just $3.99 a bottle ... that is a lot of drops for just a few bucks ! 
One fluid ounce per bottle.
And, the bottle is nice and soft - easy to squeeze !

They look like an extra large bottle of nail polish ...

... with a beautiful crystal topper !
You can use this product several ways ... directly on a project is one way. That always makes me nervous, lol, so I prefer making the dots ahead of time and applying them to my finished project. No worries about smudging ! 
To make dots ahead of time, you need a craft sheet or a piece of release paper from tape. A non stick surface basically. Then you just squeeze out the product. I did this ... they looked like little chocolate chips with that little tail on top. By the time I had made one small row, they were all beautifully domed and perfect ! The product is self leveling so it smooths itself out. It is amazing. 

Now, I will leave these overnight and then slide them off the craft sheet and into a container. To apply them I can use glue or just a dab of the same NUVO product they are made of. Too easy !
Look how perfectly they turned out ... and all I did was squeeze !

So, if you are interested in any, send me an email !

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