Tuesday, September 6, 2016


Hi there !
I have posted 2 Super Saver Albums on Facebook ... they are filled with items from the yard sale ... many at discounts of 75% off. Things are selling very well and people are getting great buys.
It takes me hours to load that number of photos on this page - it just takes too long. I have tried adding links here but I believe non Facebook users can only see the first 5 photos. I am sorry that I can't share the albums here. My best suggestion is to get a Facebook page even if you choose not to make it public. You can use it simply to follow stores or businesses if you wish. Or, drop in to a friend's house and ask them to show you ! have a visit and shop the sales.
Watch for an announcement this week about my Open House ... coming in September ... lots of great new products, samples for inspiration, and kits ! Coming Soon !

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