Wednesday, May 12, 2010

HI !

Hi everyone ! Thursday again ... seems like every other day is Thursday !! Where do the weeks go ?
I have no big earth shattering photos for you this week ... this has been a hard work week with lots of sorting, ordering, buying, stocking and re-stocking. I have been 'nose to the grindstone' trying to get all the odds'n'ends cleaned up. So you will find more discounted packages in the bargain bins - paper & beads. And there are new items here and there that I have put out as I came across them. I have 2 scrapbooking orders on their way here - it will be next week before they arrive. And I have 2 heavy boxes of semi-precious beads that I just purchased this morning from one of my salesmen but there is a lot of sorting & figuring so you'll have to wait 'til next week for those ... but the wait will be worth it !!
But there are new items, cleaned up bead trays & paper holders, more beading mix bags, and lots of fun samples. Drop in ...
Don't forget your challenge pieces ... dealine is May 22.

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