Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year !!!

Hi everyone !
This week has been filled up with installing my Christmas present to all of you ... yes, warmth, hopefully !! And then putting everything back afterwards.

We installed a pellet stove at the store on New Years' day ... I know it is cool in here for many of you but this beast is so hard to heat ... so I am hoping this will make it toasty in here for you & give you somewhere to warm up when you come in on a cold day !!
I am now putting all the bead vials back on the moved shelf and trying to figure out where to put other things ... hmmm. It make take a while but I am sure I can make some changes & find a home for everything. Always good to make a few changes !
In the meantime, the Boxing Week Sales will continue this week. There is still lots to choose from !! But then, next week, the Christmas stuff will be GONE !! Time for new !! Kits will return then too.
Drop in, get toasty, and stock up on some Christmas bargains ! See you !!!!!!!!!

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