Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sliding into the Middle of January ...

Hello !
This week it's all about kits ... new kits, replenished kits, more kits !!
Let's see what we have , okay ?

** Card Kit of the Week **

This week's kit is for sympathy cards. I wish they were never needed but , sadly, they are. So why not have a few on hand ? These cards are quite simple but that's how I like sympathy cards to be ... I always think that's not the time I bring out the bling and fancy bits. You will get all the materials - ready to assemble - for all 3 cards for $5. Leave a comment of you want any kits saved.

** Valentine Kits **
I found a few kits left from last year ...
Card Kit ... get the materials for all 3 cards for just $5.

Ornament kit ... all the supplies to make 2 ornaments for $5.

In this week's card kit you will find an inked chipboard swirl. I thought I would show you how I inked a PILE of them in just a few minutes ...

The first coat was with the Pewter Distress Stain . This stain easily flows out of the bottle so you can quickly swipe a coat of colour on a large number of pieces. Much faster than inking.
The second coat was with an inking tool and Pine Needle Distress Ink. Just a quick rub on each one.
The third coat was with an inking tool and Adirondack Ink in black ... just to give the piece an old look.
With the right products and tools I was able to do 30+ pieces in less than 20 minutes.

This week I want to tell you about one of my very favourite tools.

The Ink Blending Tool.

This little tool is a gem !! I use mine on every thing I make. It has a piece of Velcro that is used to attach a small sponge. tap the sponge on your ink pad and then use it to gently add ink to your projects ... around the edges or all over, whichever you choose. The sponges are reusable and can be changed. I have several handles and eventually want one for each colour group. But I always have a dedicated Tea Dye handle & sponge ... it's just like Frank's Hot Sauce ... " I put that $@#**& on everything !!" (heehee , sorry, couldn't resist !!)  Someone mentioned a great idea to me ... put a little Velcro dot on the bottom of your Distress ink pad and secure the sponge for that colour to it. Whenever you use that ink, you have the appropriate sponge right there !!
I would definitely recommend this tool as one of the essentials of inking.


I have been assembling some of the favourite kits that have been out of stock lately ...

** Clear Rectangle Bracelet & Earring Kits **

These kits were really popular but I was unable to get any more of the clear rectangular beads. They have been discontinued. So ... while restocking trays, I came across a partial strand and was able to put together some more kits. I have 6 bracelet kits and a dozen+ earring kits. The bracelet kit is $7.50 and the earring kits are $1.99. Going quickly !!!!

** Fairy Flower Earrings**

These have been super popular ... lovely, light, whimsical ... materials & instructions just $3.25. Many colours to choose form. Available in the antique bronze shown as well as silver.

So ... I hope there is a kit here for you this week ! New products next week and more kits !!


Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,
Could you save me a Sympathy card kit?


pam said...

sure will ! Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,

Could you save me all 3 kits - Valentiine, Heart ornament and Sympathy Card kit please?

Thank you,
Sasha Jardine

pam said...

I certainly will, Sasha ! Thanks.