Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And now we are wrapping up June ... wow.

Hello !
Well , here it is , the last week of June. Gosh. Hard to believe. Soon be fall (yay !!). Did I hear *BOOS* from the crowd ?! lol.
I am late posting this because I was waiting for some parcels to arrive so I could share the goodies. Well, I got one box late today and the others haven't arrived yet, so I better get to it . I'll post more when I get it unpacked !

CARD KIT of the WEEK :
This week's kit is colourful, cheerful, and celebratory ! You get the materials for all 3 cards as well as the HAPPY BIRTHDAY stamp ! And it is a super cute stamp. It can be used as is or can be coloured in - there are 2 little party hats & a candle included in the sentiment. It's fun to colour the hats to match whatever paper you are using it with - just use a marker or coloured pencil. It takes 2 seconds !
Anyway, you get the materials and the stamp for just $5. Leave a comment if you want any saved.

I also still have a few of the large kits for June left as well as various other weekly card kits. Leave a comment if there are any you are looking for !

Here's what I am putting together right now. They may be too simple to call them a kit ...;). I made them with 2 different sizes of crystal studded balls. They are fun, blingy, but still a little industrial with the gunmetal. I will post prices as soon as I get the supplies dug out of the box !!
Okay ... just bagged up the materials and they range from $4.19 to $5.65 a pair, depending on the size !

okay ... just made this pair ... love the sparkle !!
The materials are $4.69 and they take about 5 minutes to assemble !

* new stamps

* favourite stamps back in stock !

* 6x6 paper pads

* new Embossing folders

So drop in this week ! There will be more as I get it unpacked.
 Oh, and the Orange Ukulele will be here Thursday for lunch if you're hungry ! I highly recommend the Sweet Cheese !

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