Thursday, November 21, 2013

A little Bead update ...

Crystal Earring Kits ...

I have some of the earring kits ready to go ... and I have another order of "parts" coming next week . For now I have the following available :
Fern, Erinite, Emerald, Clear AB, Peridot, and Vitrail . (Vitrail is very limited in quantity and I won't have any more of that colour this year.) I have most of these colours and more also available as pendant kits. I also have the cone shaped trees in earrings and the larger pendants in fern & olive.

Prices have gone down !!!  Earring kits are now $5.99, pendants are now $4.25 and the X Large ones are $6.25.

Angels and snowmen will be next week - I am missing angel bodies & wings as well as snowman hats until next week. :)

Christmas Charms :
Restocked with a few new ones and more on the way !!

You may remember these forms from a post a few weeks ago.

This morning I made one ... oh my !! I love it !

 It took less than 10 minutes to make and is really pretty - pretty, fast, fun, and inexpensive !! This is the 6" size and they also come in a 3.75" and 9" size as well. I actually ran out of the forms last night in the smaller size but will have a bunch more next week. I have loads of lovely acrylic beads ready to be bagged in smaller bags ( most of them come in bags of 1000 ... and I may have used 50 total !!) . So once the forms arrive, I will be doing a Make'n'Take morning or evening when you can drop in, plunk down a few dollars, and make some ! I will also have the smaller bags of beads & forms ready next week. Fun for you, fun for kids, fun for everyone !

Now I am off to experiment with a few more Christmas beading projects ... I will share next week !!

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