Thursday, March 6, 2014

Too Excited to Wait !!

Three posts this week ... be sure to check them all out !!
I started unpacking this box of dies (and other things ...) with the intention of getting them priced and then rearranging the store to accommodate them. They would be out for sale next week , all up on the wall, looking lovely. WELL ... I was so excited, I couldn't wait ! So if you come in tomorrow (Friday March 7) , they will be in a basket , not up on the wall. That task will wait for next week. But this way you can get them into your hands faster !
Now, this is a new supplier for me so I just ordered a few of each die in order to test the waters with shipping etc. Anyway, I am thrilled with it all ! So I will be re-ordering next week. And because I am a new customer, I had to prepay this order which is standard procedure. So these will be on a first come basis. If you want any of them I can certainly set them aside for pick up/payment this week. Let me know by comment or email. If you want some but can't make it in for a while, don't worry - I will be placing the next order this coming week ! I will happily put your name down for some !
Here are the photos ... enjoy !!
Bunnies !

Easter eggs.

Shamrocks !

Stars & Hearts.

Birds ...

Flocks of birds ...

Feathers & Birches.

More birds.

Bird Cage & Bird House.

Now entering the music section ...



Horses !

Kittens & Roosters

Imagine these all together ... 

Beautiful flowers !

Baby items.

Ocean treasures.

A garden !!

Cars & Boats



Fun Hats !

Cups & Umbrellas

Houses & Candles


Grass strip.

Ice cream !

More words ...

Mom & Dad dies ... 2 per pkg.


and a great stencil !


Lyngo said...

Hi Pam .. could you please set aside the party music die cut for me please - I hope to get up this afternoon ..


pam said...

Sure will . Thanks !