Saturday, August 30, 2014

New Hallowe'en Products ...

Hi !
I am making videos this morning to show you some of the new products. There are so many new papers & embellishments that I thought videos might be the quickest and most thorough way to show them to you. It's nice to show all the bits & pieces and to be able to talk about what we can use them for. My first video was for the 2 new Hallowe'en lines. The first line is a vintage style and the second is cute. I hope you take a look - even if you are not into Hallowe'en - just for fun !!
I have made 2 more videos about some new Christmas lines and I will get them uploaded in the next few days.
I have learned that I need to remember to turn off the radio before I film and that my voice cracks me up. I sound  ... very mellow. LOL.
Here it is ...

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