Monday, December 1, 2014

It was 20 Years Ago ...

1994. My husband and I had a crazy idea to open a store . It was to be a collection of all the hobbies we enjoyed. We really had no idea what we were doing but we were excited ! And so we started Classic Hobbies. Initially we carried needlework, dollhouses & miniatures, remote control & models, and model railroads. After a few years we added beading supplies. Then we started framing our samples and customers started asking us to frame theirs. A framing shop was added. We framed thousands and thousands of pieces and shipped them from BC to Switzerland. We sold all day and framed practically all night. After a while, that took its toll ... a few surgeries and several years of physio for me with the final verdict being STOP. Other things were happening at the same time and we ended up getting into the feed store business. So we stopped framing, I sold off the needlework and decided what to do next. Beads. I made the store much smaller (because beads are small, lol) and started selling just beads and jewelry supplies. Just a few days a week. It was going to be small, easily managed, and not too time consuming .... well ... lol. I started getting into paper crafting and decided to add a bit of that ... just a bit ... We expanded the store back into the bigger space ... then into more space ... and here I am now with the whole store filled again. lol.
And now it has been 20 years. Twenty years of Classic Hobbies. Time has flown by. I've met so many people and seen so many beautiful projects. And some of you have been customers from the very beginning !
My plan was to have a big celebration this month ... prizes, sales, goody bags, treats ... a big 20th birthday party. Now, I'll let you in on something ... every time I make big plans, something happens. I always say that I should just get up each day and show up ready to roll with whatever goes on because my plans and schedules NEVER work out. And this time is no exception. lol. I ended up in a splint so I delayed the festivities for a few weeks. Well now I am in a cast until January so I have decided to let it ride until the new year. It has really been enough getting the regular things done and so the extra just doesn't seem to be a very realistic plan. So how about we just roll with this holiday season, enjoying whatever comes, and then get together sometime in the New Year when everyone has a little bit of the post holiday blues and have a party ?? I'll let you in on the details when I know them ... ;)

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Lyngo said...

Congratulations on 20 years . I have been around for all the changes. You take all the time you need to get " mended " and then , let the party begin.
See you " soonish "

" Mom "