Tuesday, May 12, 2015

And a few interesting things ...

Hi !
I just wanted to quickly share with you a few fun things. I'll be back later this week with another post. Paper, chicken coops, and embossing . That's today's theme. ;)
First ... nesting boxes  ... yes, really. LOL. My husband has these out at his feed store (behind me) to sell for chicken farmers but I freaked out when I saw them !! Oh so many possibilities !! I don't see chickens ... I see cubbies for yarn or fabrics ... or a towel holder in a rustic bathroom ... or a cool holder for crafting supplies ... so many possibilities. They are quite clean but I think it would still be good to give them a quick power wash or a scrubbing. Then you could use them as is, with a clear coat , or painted !! We are planning to do one up this weekend - I think it is going to be so nice !!
The unit measures 5 feet long and 32" high. The boxes themselves are 12" wide but the opening is smaller. The perches can be unbolted from inside. It can easily be screwed to the wall with the little tabs in the corners or could be set on a long table or shelf. I absolutely love them !! Only $40. I'll post pictures of the one we alter.

And paper ... I now have NEENAH paper. It is perhaps the favourite cardstock of paper crafters. If you watch You Tube videos and follow paper bloggers , I'm sure you've heard them mention Neenah Solar White cardstock. And I finally found some ! I have it in 2 weights - 80lb and 110 lb as well as several colours and finishes. It is perfect for cards, for stamping, and excellent for markers and other colouring. Click on the link below to see what is available.

IT'S HERE !!!! NEENAH CARDSTOCK and BULK ENVELOPES !If you watch any of the popular video bloggers, you have probably seen them rave about Neenah cardstock. Well I am now carrying it and it is lovely.
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And, just before I go , a few photos of some embossing. I tried out all sorts of papers ... vellum, printed acetate, penny candy bags, glassine bags, paper millinery bags, Tim Holtz metallic cards (cut in 2 pieces so I could use the paper, lol) mylar from Bazzill, colour core papers, Bazzill foil board , tags ... you name it !!

Isn't it amazing what a little embossing will do for a plain tag ??

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