Friday, May 22, 2015

Yikes !!!

As soon as I closed Wednesday night, we started mapping out the next step of the renovation. Yesterday morning I started moving, lugging, clearing, . The building supplies arrived, shelves were moved, counters pushed out of the way ... aaaaand I realized ... there is no way I can get this all done in 7 days. I want to do a good job and have everything perfect (or as close as I normally get to that, lol ) . I want to have the time to put out loads of new stock and create a fun re-opening. So after freaking out inside a bit, I decided that I would extend the work by a week. Sorry for the delay but I think it will be worth it. 
I am having a prize draw on Facebook for all those who help me spread the word. You can go there for the details but for those who aren't on Facebook, if you comment here, I will also put your name in for a draw for a $20 gift certificate. 
I would appreciate it if you can tell your creative friends that the opening will be delayed until June 5th and I hope to see you all that day for a fun and fabulous day !!! But, for now, I have to go ... there are walls to move !! Take care. ♥

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