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Monday, January 18, 2016


Hello !
I am excited to share with you this ... a Customer Rewards Card !!

I have been wanting to find a way to reward & thank loyal customers ... to show my appreciation ... and this is it !
For every $20 before taxes, you will get a circle filled in. When the card is full, you will get $20 off your next purchase ! Easy as that !
Now, the $20 doesn't include taxes, shipping fees, sale items, or discounted items. Nor does it include items that have been on hold for more than 2 weeks. But for everything that is purchased at regular price and in a timely fashion, the dollar amounts count !! I'll keep the cards on file here at the store, so your card will always be where you need it. We'll just keep filling in those circles and then, one day, you will find a nice little $20 credit waiting for you to treat yourself !
I hope you enjoy this rewards program. :)

Now, in order to do this, I had to tighten up my sales policies. I've been wanting to give rewards to my wonderful customers but I wasn't able to do that with special orders & layaways piling up , not being picked up or items being on hold for months, so here are the new sale policies as well as the existing return policy. I have struggled with this in the past but am finding that it is of utmost importance now. Businesses have to be leaner and more careful. With the shrinking dollar and increased costs, I need to keep track of all these things but I think by doing so, it will be easy to reward my much appreciated loyal customers. Thank you so much for your support these past years and for your understanding of why I need to keep better track. 

* Special orders require a 50% deposit.
* New items on the blog or Facebook page will be held for pick up & payment for 2 weeks only and then they will be returned to stock. A quick email transfer will ensure that your items are kept for you. Not picking up items may result in no further holds without payment.
* Layaways and in-store holds will require a 25% nonrefundable deposit and then must be paid in full within 4 weeks.
* Items to be shipped can still be held to be shipped with other items to reduce shipping costs but they must be paid for at the time of the hold.

* returns MUST be accompanied by the receipt within 30 days of purchase.
* items must be in GOOD, UNOPENED condition .
* for store credit or exchange .

* NO RETURNS on the following ...

  - anything used for cutting - dies, punches, scissors, cutters, etc.
Please be sure that is the product you want before purchasing. If you want to see the die better 
and better understand how it cuts, please ask. I will be happy to help you with that. I cannot take     them back once they have been used. 
Also, please be aware that some of the very detailed dies are more difficult to use. They may require extra plates or metal shims. They may also need to be passed through the cutting machine multiple times as well as being rotated each time. Be sure your machine is up to the task. Some of the smaller machines struggle and may need a metal shim plate to work their best. If you have a die that doesn't cut well , it may just take a bit more time & patience. If you have trouble, I can certainly try it in my cutter and help you with advice on how to get it to work for you. 
If the die is defective, I will contact the company and we will get it resolved for you. 
- cut items
- kits
- opened packages
- EARRING findings of any kind because of health restrictions unless they are in a sealed package
- embossing folders unless they are in a still sealed package.
- stamps that have been used.
- layaways
- special orders
- clearance items
- rolls/spools of wire, ribbon, chain, cord etc unless in a sealed package
- vials of beads
- paint, stain, glue, ink, glitter, powders etc unless the package is still sealed.

Thanks again. I look forward to seeing you fill in your spots & get your rewards !

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