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Monday, July 4, 2016

$10 Tuesday !!

Hello !
Tomorrow is $10 Tuesday !!! 
What is that ? Well, it's when I post an album of photos and every item is $10. Just a flat $10.
No added tax .
The tax is included in the $10.
So really, that's like spending $8.70 in the regular tax added world.
There will be items from $16.99 + tax to $29.99+ tax ... all for just FLAT $10 !!
Here's how it will work ...
I'll post the photos in the morning . I have the quantity of each item that is pictured. So most items are one only, some I have 2 of.
You message me if you want any of them. I'll send you a total.
You have 48 hours to arrange payment ( either credit card, email transfer, or cash at the feed store) .
After they are paid for, they can be picked up any time. No worries ! (And if you are paying cash, you can get them then).
After 48 hours, if they haven't been paid for, they go to the next person who commented.
There will be some great deals !!
** I am sorry but I can't hold items any longer than the 48 hours. I held items for people during the sale and they were never picked up. As a result, I was unable to sell them to other customers and now still have them. Just imagine an annoyed emoji here ... as I don't know how to add them to my blog posts, lol. 

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