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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Few Bumps in the Road ... and you discover another path ...

Hi everyone !
(Hang in ... there is a point in this long post ... 😉)
Well this spring has been a bit bumpy ... nothing that couldn't be dealt with but definitely speed bumps ... the major things were breaking my finger and eventually ending up with a cast that had me unable to use my hand very well for 5 weeks (at year end book keeping time !) and then some major building repairs that meant closing down for a few weeks and chaos. But there's always something good that comes out of the bumps. Sometimes you take a detour and you discover a more scenic route or a few hidden gems.
Because of the cast, I spent a lot of time building a website and I quite liked it. I also had to turn from my old tried & true ledger and pencil and join the 21st century. I started doing my books digitally ... so much better ! Then I did the books for our other business. Once I set up the spread sheets and wrote the equations I needed, I realized all the possibilities ... I could tie into the point of sale system for the feed business and do payroll, inventory, data entry, accounts ... all sorts of things if I had more time! The other thing I realized was how much I liked it . Yes, my inner math nerd was happy. It was so satisfying to have a right answer and to have projects that can be finished.
Then came the repairs ... I had to pack everything up and move it around ... multiple times, lol. I realized I have A LOT OF STOCK !! And I realized that after 23 years, I don't really like all the parts of running a retail business !  I don't like the risk, the stock and money tied up in that stock, the uncertainty (will this sell ? did I order enough/too much ? ...) and I don't like all the decisions. I don't like spending all my time ordering, unpacking & pricing, packaging, trying to track down backorders and find new suppliers. But I do LOVE the creative part of it ... finding wonderful products and imagining all the things that could be made, creating and assembling card kits, designing jewelry and making kits , putting together project packs , and all that fun stuff. That fun stuff that I never have time to do. Then I had to move my beautiful giant diecutting machine and the computerized laser cutter ... which I have NEVER USED. And that was it. I realized that I am not doing what I really want to do.
So I made some big decisions. Ones that I "sort of" made a few years ago but I slipped back into carrying lots of stock and feeling that stress of risk and uncertainty. But this time, I'm sure and I have already made other commitments.
For one, we've renovated the store to make an office where I'll be setting up and maintaining a computerized inventory for our other business, entering weekly inventory, doing payroll and the book keeping. I miss working with Charlie and I can help behind the scenes to make his job easier and help keep everything organized. I'm actually really looking forward to it !
I 'll be reopening the physical store in mid July but just as a parcel pick up.  I'll keep selling through the website but it will change too ... I'll be cutting the inventory way back.  And adding things that I really like and have been wanting to do for quite some time !! A small part of the store will be open a few hours a week for parcel pick ups (with pick up also available at our feed store 6 days a week) . The creative part of me is happy to be leaving a lot of the stress behind and concentrating on the "making" part of the business and all the pretty stuff !
Here's what I will be doing ...
1. I will continue to sell through  and Facebook
     On line I'll be selling 
                     * beading & jewelry supplies 
                     * card kits -  each month I will have several small (3 card) kits and at least one big kit
                                          with stamps and/or dies, etc.
                    *  project packs - a small collection that will include beautiful new papers, a                                          great stamp or die, embellishments. Whatever is new and amazing .
                     * beading & jewelry kits - monthly earring kits , bracelet kits, and more.
                     * beading project packs  - themed assortments of gorgeous beads at great prices !
                     * original laser engraved pendants & beading supplies
                     * custom diecut pieces and projects 
                     * custom laser cut projects, kits. 
2. All you need to do is place your order through the website or Facebook and I'll have it ready for pick up the next business day (in most cases). No waiting for items to arrive ! The website shows exactly what is in stock and how many of each !! You can pay by credit card, email transfer, or message me to discuss payment. 😊
Shipping is always an option. I'll add a page detailing shipping to the website. I have a quite a few options to try to find the best deal for you !
Special ordering will continue with  
Feel free to place orders there as well for items I don't have in stock. These orders will take        several weeks to arrive but it places a catalog of over 19,000 items at your fingertips.

3. I will continue to post information on the new & upcoming releases and I will be more than happy to preorder them for you. I will require a deposit BUT the price will also be discounted because there is no risk and I don't have to stock the items. New releases - lower prices ! Win/win !

4. The store will  just be open for picking up your orders as well as a few necessities . I'll have ...
                    * some cardstock & adhesives
                     * some basic beading supplies
    Just the milk & bread of the creative world. The rest will all be available for order online or                through Facebook.

But how do I cut way back on my inventory ??
Well, by having a GIANT SALE of course !! 😁

The store is in chaos because of the repairs so I have nowhere to set up a sale. So it will be online and on Facebook.
I'll post CLEARANCE ITEMS every week . There will be HUGE discounts on the items I post.
You can purchase and then pick up at your convenience. Or purchase and have the items mailed OR held to be shipped later all at once to save postage. The newsletter is up & running so I can send out notices about what will be on sale. Remember last time that I cleared out inventory ? Well the sales will be like that but online and a bit at a time. I don't think I have the energy for that big full on yardsale again ! lol. And this way, everyone will have the same chance to get some great deals - even if they can't make it into the store ! Be sure to send me your email so you get the notices !!
You can sign up here on the website or here on this form.

So ... coming up ... big sales & inventory clearance.
Then fun kits & projects. Happy days !


Sue Aitken said...

Sounds like a great plan ..It is great you will be doing the things you love and spending more time with Charlie..That is a very smart idea to have a sale too...Must be quite the load off your shoulders and now you can breath easy and still be pretty busy with all the new projects...

pam said...

Thanks Sue ! :) I'm happy to be doing new things and pleased to get back into the beading side of things.

James Jackson said...
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