Monday, April 11, 2011


Sale time !! I am cleaning out the bins, clearing shelves, sorting through boxes ... time to make room for new stock !! So there are sales !! I have a stack of paper that is 50% off ... any of the 12x12 paper with a pink line through the bar code is HALF PRICE !!! There are also some stickers and other items ... pink line through the bar code ... And beads ... look for a green line through the price or on the sticker ... that means that if you buy one, you get another of equal or lesser value for FREE !!! Yes, free !!! A real BOGO !! So far I have a table FULL ... poke through. I'm sure you'll find some great filler beads or discontinued findings. I will continue to add to the piles ... I want to clear out a bunch of stuff. Why ? Because I have boxes of new beads and cartons of new paper & scrap booking supplies. SO MUCH NEW STUFF !!!! And I need to make room ... so please help me !!

Here is the kit of the week ...
continuing with the "clean it out" theme ... I have so much scrap from the card kits. I recently saw a card on a blog where the card maker used strips of several papers in order to use a variety ... hmmmm ... that got me to thinking about scrap. Why not use all the bits of scrap to make a large pieced embellishment for cards ? So that's what I did ! And I am happy to say that the only whole sheets of paper used were for the card bases. ALL the rest of it came out of my scrap drawer. So after you make the kit, search in your scrap bin ... and make some more !! It's economical, it's fun, and it's creative !!

So , I hope to see you all in here looking for bargains and helping me make room. I have a meeting on Wednesday with a supplier (beads) and I have a big carton of paper here to be unpacked ... along with about 8 partial boxes of beads,paper, stamps, and other goodies ... all I need is room !!!
See you !!


Anonymous said...

I;m coming down this weekend! Hooray!

pam said...

oh YAY !! I'll see you soon !