Friday, May 17, 2013

Okay ... I Squealed !!

I squealed with excitement when I made these ! Love love love them !!
I was looking at Tim Holtz's tag for this month when I saw the enameled tags and rub ons ... genius ! I knew I had to try it. I threw some rubons and the tags in my "take home & try" bag ... the same bag that usually just travels back & forth with me until I take the items out ... sheesh. It was late when we left work and we needed groceries. Late enough that the store in town was closed so we had to go to Kingston. Darn, I am never going to have time to make anything tonight !
After I got home, the tags kept calling me ... I'll just make one ! HA !! Once I started I could not stop until I used the whole package !! They were amazing !!

Here is what you start with ...

And this is what you end up with !!

Here's how :
1. Dab alcohol ink onto the enameled tags ... watch it dry - you'll be amazed at the lovely marbled designs that appear. If you aren't happy, just squirt on a little blending solution and wipe it off. Start again. But really, I wouldn't worry about it ... a little colour is all you are looking for !
2. Choose your rub ons ... and start rubbing !! Seriously, that's all you do !!

I absolutely love them ! They would be fab on a tag or mini album but I am also thinking jewelry ... imagine the possibilities !!

Oh , and here's another thing that makes me giddy ... you get TWO sheets of rub ons in each package !! Wahoooo !!


Debbie said...

I saw these tags and didn't know quite what to do with them! This is a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Would this technique work on dominoes?

pam said...

I bet it would !!

Anonymous said...

Just an idea but if it would work would be very cool with great possibilities...... Using the technique on large buttons. Would it work?