Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Quick Little Project !! Little Gift Bags ...

Hi !
We interrupt the scheduled post to bring you this quick and oh-so fun Christmas crafting project !

STEP 1.  Gather your supplies. You will need muslin bags, Tim Holtz rub ons ... and , oh ! that's it !
Now, you may be able to use other rub ons but I just find that Tim's go on like butter. I have some other brands that I almost rub right through the table trying to apply them. With his, you give them a gentle rub with the magical popsicle stick and they are transferred !
STEP 2.  Cut out your rub on.
STEP 3. Place the rub on where you want it.
STEP 4. Give it a quick rub with the magic stick !
STEP 5. TA DA ! Stand back and admire your amazing crafting skills. You are truly a Craft Ninja ! Now all you need to do is buy some wrapped candies and plop them in. Add a little sprig of greenery or a bit of ribbon and you have a lovely little gift !

The Tim Holtz Rub Ons have 2 sheets per package - the black sheet that I chose form in this project (Still have lots left to make more !!) and a sheet of the same designs in white . Tonight I am going to try out a few ideas to use the white ones - hope to be back tomorrow with another follow up post !

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