Tuesday, December 17, 2013

How to Address Patterned or Dark Envelopes ...

Have you ever had that problem ? You use a lovely black or dark red envelope but then the address doesn't show up very well. Or perhaps you are using your new WRMK Envelope Pinch Board to make patterned envelopes. Well WRMK has a solution ! ENVELOPE WRAPS !! These adhesive labels wrap around the envelope giving you a lovely decorative label with a blank space to write on. They come in stylish black & white as well as festive Christmas. Just $4.99 a package.
Now ... in my cheap frugal mind, I am thinking that I would cut them in half and have them just "appear" to wrap around - giving me double the stickers ! heehee ...

Scroll down to see all the wonderful new Punch Boards from WRMK. They are selling quickly !!

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