Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tiny Stamping Fun on a Snowy Day ...

The snow is piling up outside and I don't feel like working very hard ... so I decided to stamp and colour some of the new stamps I unpacked. Fun ! These stamps are all just $1.49 each and would be great for making some quick tags or as wee stocking stuffers.
P.S. I am not a good colourer and really need new glasses. Don't judge ... lol. But it was fun !

Sorry folks but I won't be open tonight (Wednesday) due to the weather . I think most people will just want to get home & not venture back out. But I will be open Friday & Saturday. Sorry for any inconvenience. Stay home, safe & cozy !

Please note : I will also be open this Saturday from 10am to noon . See previous post for more details. 
Snowflake stamp
Done in white ink on black, gold ink on black, as well as black ink on white. 

Hero Arts Shadow Ink in gold. I also have it in silver. 

Pretty !!

Ornaments !

Holly !

How about this cute guy ?? A wintery owl !!

Who doesn't love a festive hedgehog ??

Or a snazzy squirrel ??

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