Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Dies and a Great New Line !!

Hi everyone !
I unpacked a box of new dies today ... can't wait to share. And I have finally had the time to unpack and put out an exciting new product line. I have a whole pile of pieces at home waiting to be made into samples but that might not happen until the weekend ... we'll see. lol

And a card kit ... sorry, ran out of time to get it assembled & instructions made . But I have everything ready to go for next week ... back on track then !


* die-namites
Butterfly Frenzy
Fluffy Branches
Puppy House
Ladybug Flourish

Duck Pond (back in stock)
Birds on a Wire - NEW !!

Bell Flowers - exquisite !
SPELLBINDERS  "in'spire":

Umbrella Trio - includes 3 beautiful overlays to jazz up the umbrella !
Wellies - also includes a polka dotted overlay

I've included close-ups of the samples on the packaging so you will have a better idea of how they look ...

Lovely fairies !
Fairy Ariana

Fairy Cali

Fairy Cierra

Awesome "Fancy Label Tags" .
Top Row L-R : Two, Four
Bottom Row : Three, One
Each set has 3 dies. 




Floral Frame

Gate Element
Edwardian Door


Delightful Tree ( 6 dies in pkg)
Dragon Delight (base die + beautiful overlay die)
sample - look at those lovely dragonfly wings !!

sample - love all the little accessory pieces !!
I am so excited about this line !!
I received it about 3 weeks ago and finally was able to get it unpacked and put out for sale.
Have you admired the subway style art on Pinterest ? The canvases with painted quotes ?
Well this product makes it easy for anyone to make them !!
Hazel & Ruby is a company that produces masks which are really just the opposite of stencils. They are a perfect companion to scrapbooking because the paper works wonderfully with them.
Here's what you do ...
1. Paint a canvas or mod podge paper on the canvas. I have some rolls of sweet paper from Hazel & Ruby but scrapbooking paper works well as well as book paper or wrapping paper. Let dry.
2. Choose the letters for your desired quote or word or the icons you want. Place them on the canvas. they cling beautifully.
3. Apply paint with a foam brush over the letters. Remove them carefully before the paint dries.
4. Place the letters back on the backing sheet and wipe off with a baby wipe or paper towel. Ready for next time
5. Let your masterpiece dry and start planning the next one ... lol.

*The masks are completely reusable so once you buy a set, you can use them over and over !
* It's fun to combine various fonts and letter sizes.
* You can also use them on furniture, glass, paper, all sorts of things !!

AND !! Here's the best part !! For now, I am selling them at the American suggested retail prices !! You would have to get a passport to get these prices !! lol 

How fun !!! Look at all those great alphabets and designs !!
I have a stack of canvases at home, all painted & podged, waiting to be turned into samples. Mayyyyyybe this week but definitely next week. And I hope to do a quick video as well.
But for now, here are a few samples from Hazel & Ruby as well as a video link showing the process ...
Enjoy !!

Hazel & Ruby tutorial ... fun & easy !!

Well, that's it for this week ! Be sure to drop in and see the new dies and check out Hazel & Ruby - so fun !! Who knows - I may have a few samples done !

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