Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year, New Ideas, New Projects !

Hello ! Happy New Year. I love the new year - it always seems like a fresh page, full of exciting possibilities. But first - let's get rid of the old !! And that can only mean ...
ONE FRIDAY ONLY !!! And then ... it's packed up & gone !!
I have spent this week MARKING DOWN all sorts of Christmas stock for next Friday (Jan 9th).
So here are the details ...
* all sales are final. No returns.
* Sorry, but I won't be accepting any returns/exchanges on other items on Friday. That will have to wait until the week after.
* Sale items can be held or mailed but they must be paid for on Friday or before. No unpaid for lay aways.
* Sale does not apply to special orders .

* Dies & Stamps  - anywhere from 15% to 50% off  !! (The 15% is really just on the products that have come in during the last 2 weeks. Everything else is 25%, 35%, or 50% off. ) For example, you can save over $12 on the large Tim Holtz sets. The time to get them is NOW.
* CHRISTMAS PAPER ... BOGO ... real BOGO. Buy one, get a 2nd (of equal value) FREE !!
* Embellishments - all marked down ! Prices are marked. 
   (25-50% off) 
* Holiday Earring  & Pendant Kits - 40% off !!!
* Christmas Craft beads - 40% off !!! Snowflake forms are also reduced to clear. 
* Christmas CHARMS - 25% off. 
* Ribbon Spools (50yds & 100 yds) ... already a great deal ... take off another 25% !!
So, a great opportunity to stock up for next year's projects !!
And then, after Friday, I will be packing it all up and putting out lots of NEW STOCK !!! EXCITING !!!

So that's the news for now. Some of you have asked (thank you, so kind ) ... here's an arm update ... I had my cast removed but the xrays still faintly show the fracture. It has healed some but not completely. So I am back in a splint until mid January then back to the doctor to see if it has healed enough to start physio. Yes, physio. This has been quite discouraging because I honestly (and maybe naively) thought I would get the cast off & be back to normal. Umm ... no. Could it be that I don't have the bones of a 10 year old , like I did the last time ?? No, I'm sure that's not it.  lol. One of the questions I was asked when the xrays came back was whether I had used it a lot ... ? Ahhh, hmmm, I couldn't lie.  But you don't always have a choice. That's life. However, this week coming up, I am putting my plans on hold & staying home, hoping to get that bone knit back together for good. I'm impatient but I want to get back into creating form !! So I'll answer any questions or comments later next week and I hope to see you Friday for the sale !! Take care and have a great week !!

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