Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The MINC Machine and Foiling !

Hello !

This week I have experimented with the Minc Machine and the foils. And it is fabulous. BUT, you don't need the machine to use the foils - there are plenty of ways to apply the foil with regular craft room supplies, no machine necessary. So join me Friday morning from 10 to 12 and again Saturday also from 10 to 12 , for demos, tips, and samples. The machine is fabulous and there are some alternate machines you can use. But the foil can be used so many ways on its own. It is a wonderful product. I'll even have some little tags that you can foil just so you can see how easy it is and how spectacular the results are !! Hope to see you then.

There are various products that come ready to be "minc-ed" but you can also print them on a laser printer or a toner photocopier. Here's one I printed on my printer.
The printed quote on cardstock .

Add foil and place in the carrier sheet .

Run it through the Minc ...

And VOILA !!
Beautifully foiled.
I made a bunch of samples with the Minc using the ready-to-foil products and those that I made myself. I experimented too. ;)
Diecuts from homemade toner sheets. 

Some of the samples. 
And them I made some tags using no Minc machine. For some I used a heat gun but for most I used a variety of adhesives, and just the adhesives. So, as you can see, there are many ways to use the foil.

Drop in Friday or Saturday morning to see how it's done !
( The samples will also be on display Friday afternoon but there will be no demo then.)

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