Tuesday, November 10, 2015

A Kit !!

Look what I made today !!

It was so easy ... it took me less than an hour including the planning, measuring, cutting, and assembly. I made a coffee, drank it, and then it was dry !!
It's glittery and sparkly and festive !!

So you could make one in much less time because the kits will have everything precut for you !!
I am making up kits and they will include ...
* the frame (you can paint, stain or stamp your frame. I left mine plain because I liked it that way but feel free to do whatever you wish !!)
* the paper, precut to size
* the people embellishment
* the tree ( it starts out white so I'll stain it and add the snow for you !)
* the Distress Rock Candy Glitter
* the Mod Podge
* directions.
( Coffee not included ... lol )
Kits are $25 and I just have 7 available .


Lyngo said...

Hi Pam ;

Would you set one aside for me please ?

Thank you;
" Mom "

pam said...

I will !