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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Peel Offs

Hello !
Last week I explored Peel Offs ... I wanted to try a few different ways of using them and I was quite impressed with how useful they are ! Let me show you.
For those of you not familiar with Peel Offs, they are stickers that come in black, silver, and gold. I tend to use black just because that is a colour I always like to have in my projects but the silver or gold would also be beautiful. The stickers have an outline and then the inner pieces. Many people just use the outline but you can use every.single.piece.
There are multiple images in a package.
They are in the $2.39 to $2.69 range ...
a great deal considering all the ways you can use them !  

There are hundreds of designs to choose from. I chose a small sampling of Christmas Peel Offs but they come in a wide range of designs - everything from cars to hallowe'en to teddy bears, owls, cherries, tea pots , flowers, fairies, and more. 
PROJECT #1 : Coloured Glitter

For this technique, white paper is covered with a layer of 2 sided tape, then the entire sticker, including the inner pieces, is transferred to the adhesive covered paper. Each inner piece is removed individually, coloured glitter is sprinkled on that piece ,the excess is removed, and the glitter is burnished . Areas that will be the same colour can all be done at one time. This process continues until the whole design is done. The piece is then trimmed and then used on a project. It isn't difficult but it takes a bit of time. The results are spectacular !
For this technique you will need the sticker sheet, 2 sided adhesive tape (available in rolls or as sheets), a transfer sheet (see below in Project #5), and glitter. I use Glitter Ritz. It comes in so many beautiful colours and a jar will last you ... hmm ... probably forever ! lol

PROJECT #2 : Colouring Glitter

For this technique, you prepare the paper and adhesive as above but you only place the outline on the paper. You then cover the entire thing with clear glitter (cool or warm tone), clean off the excess, and then burnish. Now, you colour ! Using alcohol based markers like Copics or Sharpies, you colour the glitter using a dabbing motion. The glitter accepts the ink and you can transform a plain image to a colour filled one very easily ! You still get the sparkle but it is quite a bit easier and uses only one colour of glitter. 

PROJECT #3 : Watercoloured 

For this technique, the outline sticker is transferred to watercolour paper. Using a waterbrush and watercolour pencils (or paints) the image is painted.  The sticker makes a great barrier to keep the colours from mixing. This gives a much softer but very pretty look. 

PROJECT #4 : Markers

For this one, I applied the outline sticker to Specialty Stamping Paper (or use any paper that works well with markers) and then coloured the image with Distress markers. 

PROJECT #5 : The "Insides" ...
Now we have all the inner pieces left (except for the ones in Technique #1) ... seems like a waste to not use them !! Again, the transfer sheet comes to the rescue ! Use the sheet to pick up all the inner pieces and then transfer them to another piece of cardstock. They make a beautiful silhouette image. 

Project #6 ... use the stickers as is !!
This seems to be the most obvious and yet I didn't do it ! lol. But the sticker outlines themselves are beautiful and would be lovely on their won just adhered on a piece of cardstock and then used for cards etc. I think the gold and silver ones would look fabulous on a dark cardstock - very elegant too ! 

So there you go ... several ways to use your Peel Offs and ways to use every last bit ! They are a great product and I hope you give them a try !! 

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