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Friday, July 8, 2016

$5 FRIDAY !!

Hello !
I have 2 albums of super deals for you today ! Every item in the album is just $5 !! That's tax included. SO , in the world of tax added, the price would be just $4.35. lol.
Here's how it works... just send me a message or comment on Facebook saying what you want, I'll send a total, and I'll hold the item for you for 48 hours so you can pay for it. You can pay with an email transfer, by credit card, or with cash in that time period. Easy !
So, just think ... with $100 you could buy TWENTY THINGS !!!
I will share the link to the albums. They are on Facebook and I know some of you that are not on Facebook can't see all the items. I'm working on ways to fix that but so far haven't found one. I'll keep trying. I haven't been able to post them all here because it takes far too long to load that large number of photos to this blog. One suggestion is to sign up to Facebook but only to follow pages. You don't have to send and accept friend requests. Just an idea. In the meantime, I'll keep searching for a way to link. Sorry about that.
Here is the link to the first album. This is for the beaders out there ... remember just a flat $5 per item.

And here's the album for paper crafters ... stampers, cardmakers, scrapbookers. Also. just $5 per item.

Hope you find some treasures ! I'll be back next week with more ... and possibly a yard sale ! Working on it. ;)

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