Monday, August 8, 2016

Yard Sale Questions ...

I have been pricing & sorting for days ... with lots more to go !! I have used up pages and pages of $1 and $2 stickers if that gives you a hint at what kind of deals there will be !! DEEP DEEP DISCOUNTS !!!
This Sunday from 9am to 2pm. 

Here are some answers to questions that I have been getting ...
1. Weather ... my crystal ball is broken so I have to rely on Environment Canada, lol. For now it shows light showers but the forecast changes every day. If it rains, the sale will be postponed until the next Sunday. I really won't know until late Saturday night or very early Sunday morning. I will post here though if it is postponed.
2. There is no indoor venue. If it rains, the sale will be held outside on thenext Sunday. Or the next sunny Sunday. I don't have room in the store to hold the sale.
3. The sale starts at 9am ... no early birds please ! We actually will have the driveway to the back parking lot blocked because we have to come in very early to set up. So the site will not be opened up until 9am. So no advantage to come early.
Sleep in, have a coffee ... 
4. Sending lists & orders ... sorry but I am straight out trying to get through 3 rooms of boxes - sorting & pricing. I really don't have time to pick out orders and it really isn't fair to those who show up for the sale. So it is an "in person" sale. Whatever is left will eventually be listed on Facebook and could then be purchased for mailing.
5. Cash or debit. No holds.
6. No early previews or items held. Sorry. Again, not fair to those who come out that morning.
7. The prices marked are the prices. There will not be any tax added. So that is the final price.  But, there are also no further discounts. The prices are SLASHED so the price is whatever is tagged.
8. Come prepared to find some great deals ! 

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