Wednesday, July 7, 2010

ahhhhhhhhhhh ... this is not going well !!!

Oh my ... the heat is unbearable today ( I haven't turned on the AC) ... and nothing is working !!! ( and I wish I wasn't either ... haha). My camera refuses to download the photos I took so I have set up the items again, rephotographed them all with another camera ... and ... it won't download either !!! So I have to find both discs at home & have the programs reinstalled. That means unfortunately - no photos this week. So I will save the embossing , pendants, & core'dinatins paper until next week ! Hopefully by then, I'll be back on track !!
There are more items that I have unpacked in both beads & paper. Thursday I will have the air conditioning on so why not drop in to poke around and see what's new ?? I may even have lemonade ... I'm working on it !!
For now, I can share with you that I have just pre-ordered a few lines from My Mind's Eye ... you can go to their website ( and check them out if you wish ! I ordered the full line of papers from Lost & Found ...oh the projects I can imagine with this !! ... and will add embellishments next week when they are listed for ordering. I also ordered the paper kits for Alphabet Soup ( Boy and Girl), Blackbird, Haunted, Holly Jolly, and I Believe. The kits are almost all $9.99 except for Haunted ($16.99) because it is flocked papers and I Believe ($11.99) because it is glittered paper. If you want to reserve any, just let me know !!
Next week should be a more "normal" (what's that ??!!) week so I hope to get some samples & kits ready ... this week was bookwork, sorting, cleaning up the workroom, vet appointments, and just plain being too hot !!!
So right now I am crabby & hot, mad about my dumb cameras, and wanting a Popsicle ... so I will suck it up and get to work on the challenge bags. I hope to get them done up tonight & posted tomorrow morning ... with or without pictures !!!
So drop in for a visit ... I promise to be over being crabby by then !! ( And I may have lemonade ...)

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