Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Bead Update ...

Well 2 days and 600 bags later ... I still haven't started unpacking box #2.
BUT I do have a whole section of $1 bags of bead caps, spacers, metal beads, tubes, etc. I am finding that there is just too much to remember and too much to keep straight. The small beads get really mixed up and too many become vacuum food ... so I am rethinking how I sell them. I have started with the metal beads, spacers, caps, etc... Anything under 25 cents has been bagged up in $1 bags. And it will work out in your favour ! Happy day ! You will get more in a $1 bag than you could have purchased individually for a dollar. Why ? Because I can bag them by weight and don't have to factor all the lost beads. So in many cases you will get 50% more !

On the metal findings counter by the window, you will now find a series of boxes . They are filled with bags of various types of beads and each box is marked so it is easy to find what you are looking for. And EVERY BAG is JUST $1. This means less for me to have to remember, less loss, less space, better prices for you, and more variety. There were many beads that were just too small to put out individually that can now be sold in little $1 bags !
I did get some new chain unpacked as well as a few strands of Chinese crystal as well as some birth stone colours in Chinese crystal. There are also some really nice new metal beads. I think I've had enough for tonight so I will get back at unpacking tomorrow !

Hope to see you this week.
The next post is also from this week ...

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