Monday, April 15, 2013

This Week's card Kit and a Reminder about Items on Hold ...

Hi !
Here is this week's card kit ... as usual you get all the supplies -ready to assemble - for all 3 cards for just $5.

If you want a kit mailed, add $2 for postage & handling for the first one and $1 for each one thereafter. I am set up for email money transfers.

And now ... I am still finding my shelves & bins are filled with lay aways and items on hold. I don`t mind holding items but I really need them to be picked up ... So , if you have items that have been on layaway for quite a while, please come get them. I can arrange to mail them if you can`t get in. I hold automatic weekly card kits for people and that is no problem. I also hold card kits to be mailed monthly - again no problem. Other items will be held for 3 weeks unless other arrangements are made. Thank you for your help with this.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,

Could you put a kit aside for me, please?

Shelley K.

pam said...

I certainly will. Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim: Could you put a kit aside for me..Thanks,

pam said...

Sure will Eleanor ! Thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Love the card kits I picked up this morning Pam, thanks. Was wondering about the memo pin and the sentiment tags for this set of cards `Country Style Cards`. I would be interested in purchasing this stamp set and some of these memo pins. Do you still have these items or could they be ordered. Also what are the prices.
Thanks. Eleanor