Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Card Kit and Something Glittery ...

Hello !
I have this week's card kit ready as well as some samples I made using Elizabeth's Craft Designs Peel Offs, Glitter Ritz, and markers. Shall we take a look ?
This week's kit makes 3 cards , 2 regular size and one large.
The large gold is gold ( fancy, huh ?!) .
I included a kraft envelope to fit it because it is larger than the cards we usually make.
You get all the supplies to make all 3 for just $5.
 Leave a comment or email me if you want any saved. 

And if you love the little kraft bow
(and how could you not ? lol )
I have them available by the package for just $1.99.
And now for the samples ....
I watched the video by Elizabeth's Craft Design that demonstrates this technique & knew I had to try it. I'll include a link so you can watch it too. But basically you need the following ...
A Peel Off, a sheet of white cardstock, a sheet of clear 2 sided adhesive, clear Glitter Ritz in cool or warm tone.
and alcohol based markers.

Now I tried 3 different kinds of markers ... Sharpies, Copics, and Dollar store markers.
I did like the Copics best because of the range of shades avavilable but really I was quite happy with them all.
So you could try this without any kind of big investment.
( and this week, you can get an egg peel off already glittered and ready to colour for just $2 ... I made a few extra !)
Work in progress ... see the mess ?!

The egg on the right is coloured with Sharpies and the one on the left is with Copics.
Both perfectly fine !

And here is the finished card ...

I did a bunch more while it was in the glittering mood ... you can get one for $2. Dig out your markers & colour , then cut it out and add it to a card !

I did a few other pieces too .. for a future project ... *wink*.
Here is the video link ...

Glitter & markers

Oh, I set up a tray like she uses in the video - perfect ! Kept glitter mess to a minimum !!

So that's it for tonight ! I'll be back later this week with new products. See you soon !

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