Wednesday, April 30, 2014

May is Upon Us !

Hello !
Well, the last day of April. This month was gone in no time. With May comes Mother's Day and that's what this week's card kit is all about. I also have some new products for die cutting as well a few new dies & embossing folders. And I have been unpacking beads - some new boxes & a few boxes that I completely forgot about (oops !!) - so there are new beads, findings, and restocked items.
There are some other new products but it will take me another day or so to do the samples .. so I'll save those for then ! ;)
Let's get started, shall we ?

Get all the materials for all 3 cards for just $5.

Quick Release Paper
 This paper will help you with those tricky dies ... a layer of this with your desired paper will make the design easily come out of the die ! It keeps your dies clean & sharp. You get 2 rolls per package 5m/16.4feet per roll. It's also very pretty - great for collage projects !! I think it can be used in the same die several times.

Ejection Foam Sheets
 We all have a few dies that are tricky to cut ... the paper sticks in them and the cuts are often not as clean as they should be. This ejection foam will help that !! This foam actually gets cut & stuck in your die because of adhesive on one side. Just leave it there after cutting. Use it over and over. It will make intricate dies much easier to cut. The foam layer will make the paper push out easily and give you clean cuts.
Here is a link explaining the process ...
Ejection Foam Tutorial

Sanding blocks & little snips. 

New die !

And how about this embossing folder ?? Lovely !!
Lots of $1 bags of metal beads.

I received a sampling of new jumprings in a wide variety of sizes & weights.
There are lots to choose from and I will be ordering more of the most popular sizes.
Just $1.99 bag.

Restocked on Nymo thread - white, black, brown.
Also restocked on ball head pins, earwires, jumprings, crimp covers, and more. 

Small bags of wooden beads. 

More strands. 

These beads are really cute even if the photo doesn't show that very well
They are little red spacer beads . They would look great with white & navy for a nautical look, for example.
Or mixed with black ... 

Beautiful glass pony beads.
These beads have a beautiful coating that is cut away on the sides so you see both the lovely coating and the glass underneath.
The holes are larger so you can string them on leather or some of that lovely new suede.  

A sampling of the beads I have put out in the trays - for sale individually !
So that's all for today ... I have a few more samples to complete and then I will have more to share ... keep watching !!


Lyngo said...

Hi Pam ;
Would you please set aside a pkg. each of the quick release paper and the foam sheets , and also one of the seascape embossing folders .

See you Friday;

" Mom "

pam said...

Hi Lynn !
I just have the foam right now. Sold out of the others but have a shipment next week. I will save the other items for you I that's okay ?

Lyngo said...

Okay Pam .. thanks