Saturday, October 3, 2009

Day 2 of 31

"Pam, are you crazy ?? I can't make 31 things in 31 days !!"
That's what I'm hearing.It's so funny. But I'm not talking sweaters or quilts, completed. I am only saying to take some time each day ... you may not complete anything for days. That's fine - just give yourself the gift of some creative time . And the answer to the other question ? No, supper doesn't count. That is a whole other 31 day challenge !!
Thanks to those of you who are joining in !!

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Amber T. said...

Yay for you Pam! Your beading projects look great. And the car too- woohoo!
I did some scrapbooking yesterday and some cards today. Who knows what tomorrow will bring!Thanks for the challenge!
~Amber T.