Wednesday, September 18, 2013

2nd Post this week .... A Kit and More Stamps !!

Here is this week's kit ... three cheerful cards !
You get all the materials, ready to assemble, for all 3 for just $5. Leave a comment if you want any saved.

And now for the last few boxes that I unpacked ... scroll down to the last post to see the goodies from the first four !


new flowers.
great new stencil from Prima !

On the left are "flair" stamps. When stamped & punched out they look like flair badges. Really cute on cards !
Middle : poppies, gorgeous poppies. Imagine them watercoloured !!
Right : adorable long legged birds. ♥ them !
Loveyt for Christmas cards.

These stamps are excellent for backgrounds or adding texture.
In the first 4 photos, the stamps are only $2.69 each.

These stamps are larger and would make beautiful backgrounds for cards & pages.

NEW paper from Bo Bunny "Fright Delight"
A cross between marvellous sugar skulls and cartoon skeletons !

Great stamps too !!

 And a few more things ....
3D Zombie stickers ... wowzas !!!
How cute is this jolly guy ??

PIXIES from Doodlebug. Expect to see these for all sorts of holidays & seasons.
They are prepunched little flags/banners that are slipped on coloured sticks.
Put them on a page or a card, stick them in a gift, or poke them into the top of a cupcake !!

So that's it for this week ... lots more on its way for next week !!! Stop in this week on Wednesday night from 6:30-8 or Friday from 10 am to 5pm .

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