Thursday, September 5, 2013

SWAROVSKI SALE !!! And a tease about next week ...

Hi ! Just a quick note ... I have been going through my Swarovski inventory and narrowing down the colours I am carrying. Don't worry - there still will be lots to choose from !! I have a full tray of 4mm and another of 6mm loose crystals to pick from as well as factory packs of the most popular colours. But that means that there is a great sale on some of the colours I am discontinuing.
These are the 4mm crystals available by the piece.
And these are the 6mm ... so still lots of choice !

And these are the sale crystals ... !!!

These are the factory packs ... which are already cheaper than buying the crystals individually ...
and they are now 40 - 50% off !! 4mm and 6mm in selected colours.

 Bags of 6mm ... done up in packs of 18 for $3 ... that's less than 17 cents each ...
regular price is 35 cents each !!

And these are the 4mm discontinued colours ... bagged up and priced so they work out to 10 cents each ...
regular price is 20 cents each.
And here's your tease ... guess what's en route ??
Cottage Cutz dies and Elizabeth's Crafts Dies , that's what !!! So exciting. Next week !!!


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