Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Layaway and Special Order Policies

Hi everyone !
Two more posts this week ... keep scrolling !!! Oh, and I'm unpacking LOADS of dies tonight ... just sayin'... Pictures tomorrow !!
This is the part of business that I don't like but , sometimes you just have to do it !
I am perfectly happy to lay away items for you so that you can be sure to get all the new good stuff but I am having some difficulties. Some items are never picked up ... I actually have bags from last December. Never picked up. Some were even special order. And I have people who come in & then change their minds and don't want the products. Most of these items are new items ( or were new items) that were very much in demand.  This ties up my inventory , causes me to become overstocked , often makes me disappoint other customers who cannot get the item, and makes me miss out on sales. And if it is too late after the fact, I end up with inventory I can't sell. Kind of a lose/lose situation.
So if you want new items layed away , I ask that you pick them up within 2 weeks unless we have always been doing this and then it is fine. I do have some people who come once a month or so but they always do and I know that . No worries at all. You are my regulars and this has always worked for us perfectly. And I am very grateful to you ! No need to change that.
If you can't make it, message me and we can set it up somehow. If you know it will be quite a while, you can always prepay by email transfer or Paypal and there will be no hurry at all. I can also mail items out if you can't get here. That is also no problem !
If someone does end up not picking up their items or deciding not to get them after all, I will require any new lay aways for that person to be paid in full in order to be saved. Sorry but I will have to.
I am just asking for help with this so I can continue to get new stock in , move it out, and get more  ... it's all about getting in lots of GOOD STUFF !!! The more that goes out the door, the more new items there will be. If my money is tied up in bags & bags of stuff on the layaway shelf ... not so much new stock sadly ! Thanks for your help ... I appreciate you all so much !!!


Merrilee said...
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Merrilee said...

Pam I love that you are willing to do layaway so I completely support your need to make sure you get paid.

pam said...

Thanks Merrilee ! I appreciate your kind words .