Thursday, December 17, 2015


Day 6 ... and I MINC-ed !!
I broke out some of the new Heidi Swapp Christmas Minc products and ran them through the Minc. Remember, you can also use a laminator too.  It takes almost no time to Minc and the results are so pretty !
Here are a few of the tags and a handful of snowflakes ... all so easy !!
It's hard to see the shine in the photo but , trust me, there is plenty of shimmer and shine !

Now ... never throw away your foil pieces until they are completely used up ... I used my leftovers from the green tag on the left to make the tag on the right . Simply take the foil sheet after making the first tag and place it on a sheet of toner. The negative of the design will transfer to the sheet. Now, if you place another colour foil on the sheet and "MINC" it again, that colour will transfer to any uncovered toner ... the result is a two colour tag. Beautiful !!!

 Here's a better view of the 2nd tag made with the negative of the first tag. Very pretty !!
I also minc-ed the pieces for a village ... brought them home to assemble it tonight ... and forgot the main pieces ... mad at myself  ... guess it will have to wait for tomorrow.
So watch for that tomorrow and Day 7.

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