Sunday, December 20, 2015

DAY 9 !!

A wee little vintage tree ornament for Day 9. I was inspired by a Tim Holtz project and decided to make my own version. It's really cute in real life and was a lot of fun to make !

Here's what you need ... a trophy cup and tree (mine are from Tim Holtz Idea-ology), paint ( I used Cracked Pistachio Distress Paint) , beads, alcohol inks, glitter, star, glue, memo pin, paper banner/sticker, and any other decorations ( I added a bird).

Mine is not particularly Christmas-y as I wanted to use it year round but you can use whatever colour ornaments you like.
The first step is to "grunge" up the trophy. I dabbed on the paint and then dabbed Mushroom Alcohol Ink over it. Instant vintage !

Now the tree ... you can spray it with Distress Stain if you wish to add colour. I decided I liked the natural but wanted to glitter it. I dabbed on glue and the rolled it in vintage glitter. Then I used hot glue to fasten it into the trophy.
The beads ... I used white pearls and dyed them with various alcohol inks. I put a few beads in a little ziplock bag, squirted in a few drops of the ink,  squished the pearls around, and then dumped them out on paper towels. I then dabbed the mushroom and silver alcohol inks over them to make them look even more vintage. You could easily use various coloured beads and skip this step. Now glue the beads to the tree. Glue the star to the top as well as the memo pin. Add any other decorations - I glued in a little bird.
Add a quote on a little paper strip to the memo pin . I also added a little Stickles along the edges of the banner. Done. You can add a cord to the loop on the memo pin to make it into a hanging ornament.
Imagine a pink tree, a pale blue tree, a green tree, a gold tree ... so many possibilities !
I've started Day 10 ... photos tomorrow !!

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